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Tag: single sex

IVF- guide to effectiveness

In July 1978 Louise Brown was hailed as the world’s first “test-tube baby”, born through the fertility treatment IVF. But how has IVF effectiveness improved compared with modern IVF procedures? Louise’s birth was cloaked in secrecy. Even her father John’s first visit to see her in Oldham General Hospital was under the eye of police […]

Men and women’s brains are different- it’s official

Men and women’s brains are connected in different ways- which may explain why the sexes excel at different tasks researchers have found.A US team at the University of Pennsylvania scanned the brains of nearly 1,000 men, women, boys and girls and found striking differences. Male brains appeared to be wired front to back, with few […]

Single women being offered IVF on the NHS

Single women are being offered fertility treatment by almost a fifth of NHS trusts casting doubt on the Government’s family friendly credentials.Women not in relationships are receiving publicly funded IVF despite official guidance that suggests support should go to couples who have been trying without success to have a baby for several years. Meanwhile in […]

Beware- how a sun and sea holiday will shrink your brain power

According to research, taking a holiday– particularly a sunny one – can lower your IQ.A Health warning- two weeks’ holiday could reduce your IQ by as much as 20 points, but, fortunately, the effect is only temporary. Holidays, it seems – particularly to sweltering destinations – can impair mental functioning. The problems begin when you […]

Mixed sex wards lead to hospital fines

Hospitals in England have been fined for keeping patients in mixed sex accommodation under a new push to eradicate the problem.There were 2,660 breaches in April – half the number from the previous month, the Department of Health said. Hospitals are fined £250 for each day a patient is kept in mixed sex wards. It […]

Good dancing may be sign of male health scientists say

The researchers say that movements associated with good dancing may be indicative of good health and reproductive potential.  Their findings are published in the Royal Society journal Biology Letters. “When you go out to clubs people have an intuitive understanding of what makes a good and bad dancer,” said co-author Dr Nick Neave, an evolutionary […]

Thousands of patients still forced to stay in mixed sex wards breaking labour’s promise

Tens of thousands of hospital patients were forced to be in mixed sex wards last year despite Labour promises that men and women would be separated, new figures suggest. The announcement came as the new coalition government revealed that men and women will no longer have to share facilities in English hospitals. More than eight […]

Errors at IVF fertility clinics double in just one year

The rising rate of blunders in IVF treatment ‘may be systemic’, says leading patient safety expert The number of reported mistakes a t the 138 fertility clinics in England and Wales nearly doubled in the year to April 2009, rising to 334 from 182 the previous year. One leading patient safety expert has now warned […]