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Warning over shortage of midwives

The Government must address the “serious shortage” of midwives, the Royal College of Midwives said, as an independent report found that numbers of staff are one of the main challenges facing maternity services.Long term vacancy rates for midwives have steadily increased in recent years, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) report found. Although births in England […]

Caesareans operations to be offered due to midwife shortages

Caesareans are to be offered to all pregnant women who ask for them, new guidelines state, amid concerns that some are too scared to give birth naturally on Britain’s overstretched labour wards.A lack of support is leading to “traumatic” natural births, say experts, resulting in women fearing a repeat experience. Studies show that up to […]

Unions’ strike means thousands of operations to be postponed today

Hospital managers are planning to postpone thousands of non emergency operations today, because of the public sector unions striking over pension changes.Patients across the UK have been sent letters warning them of the disruption. Diagnostic tests and outpatient appointments will also be delayed, but hospitals insist emergency and critical care will not be affected. Managers […]

Midwife shortages in England risking lives

Parts of England are facing big midwife shortages putting mothers and babies at risk midwives have warned.The Royal College of Midwives says a 22% rise in births over 20 years has led to shortfalls across England, but some areas are worse than others – it highlights the East Midlands and East. The RCM wants 4,700 […]

Nurses and midwives urged to get flu jab

Nurses and midwives are being urged to get their flu jabs after figures reveal less than a third did last year.All front line healthcare workers are meant to be vaccinated to stop them going off sick with influenza and spreading the virus to patients. Last year only 30% of hospital nursing staff in England got […]

Obese pregnant women have more complicated births new research finds

Overweight pregnant women are more likely to be overdue and have more complicated births, a study has found. Women who were overweight or obese before they conceived were more likely to have a longer pregnancy, need to have labour induced artificially and to go on to require caesarean section births. The research was conducted by […]

Pregnant women denied flu jabs say midwives

Pregnant women were denied the seasonal flu jab in some parts of the UK, before swine flu began claiming more lives, because not all GPs were aware that mothers-to-be had been made a priority group to receive the jab this winter. Louise Silverton, deputy general secretary of the Royal College of Midwives, told the Guardian […]

Maternity postcode lottery revealed in NHS figures

Midwives have criticised the postcode lottery in maternity care after official NHS figures revealed caesarean rates are twice as high in some hospitals as others. In some cases even neighbouring hospitals have widely varying rates of caesarean section, revealing that it is not necessarily down to the characteristics of the local population. The proportion of […]

Ministers broke midwife pledge claims RCM

The Royal College of Midwives (RCM) has accused the government of backing down on a pre-election pledge to increase midwife numbers in England. It says mothers and babies will suffer unless the 3,000 extra midwives it says were promised are delivered by 2014. RCM general secretary Cathy Warwick told its annual conference there are too […]

Midwives have no time to care for new mums- report warns

New mothers are left frightened and alone after childbirth, because midwives do not have time to care for them, a major study has warned. The report by the National Childbirth Trust (NCT) says staff shortages have left increasing numbers of mothers feeling isolated at a time when they are desperate for reassurance. The charity’s poll […]