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Tag: overweight

Overweight seen as the norm warns chief medical officer

Being overweight is increasingly seen as the norm, England’s chief medical officer warns. In her annual report on the state of health, Dame Sally Davies said this was concerning, pointing out many people did not recognise they had a problem. Parents of overweight children were also failing to spot the signs too, she said. Dame […]

Yogurt might prevent a heart attack

Recent research has investigated the human digestion system and found that the contents of the alimentary canal may be a matter of life or death.Your digestive system is home to roughly 100 trillion microbes – about 10 times the number of cells in the major organs. A team co-led by Prof Jeroen Raes of the […]

Bigger doses of penicillin needed for today’s bigger children

Penicillin doses for children need to be reviewed to take account of the fact youngsters are getting heavier meaning they may not be getting an adequate dose doctors have said.Dosing guidelines have remained unchanged for almost 50 years and are mostly based on children’s ages. But experts argue that the dose a child needs is […]