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Tag: labour

Infections after caesarean birth higher than other operations

One in ten women who give birth by caesarean section develop an infection, a study has found- which is a much higher rate than for similar operations.It suggests that 15,000 women a year in England suffer an infection after their caesarean birth, the researchers said. The study found that 9.6 per cent of women having […]

Patients swamp A&E as GPs cut surgery hours

Hospital Accident and Emergency departments are being swamped by patients who cannot visit GP surgeries or NHS walk-in centres, leading to longer waiting times.The reduction in opening hours is forcing some patients to wait up to three weeks for a GP’s appointment. Information provided by almost two thirds of NHS primary care trusts indicated that […]

Women can delay menopause indefinitely with ovary transplants

Women can remain fertile indefinitely after successful ovarian transplants lead to births and delay the menopause doctors have told a conference.A technique to remove pieces of ovary, store it for decades and then replace it with delicate surgery could effectively put a woman’s menopause ‘on ice’, doctors said. The only thing preventing them from having […]

Warning over shortage of midwives

The Government must address the “serious shortage” of midwives, the Royal College of Midwives said, as an independent report found that numbers of staff are one of the main challenges facing maternity services.Long term vacancy rates for midwives have steadily increased in recent years, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) report found. Although births in England […]

Home births more cost effective Oxford research concludes

Planned births at home and in midwifery units are more cost-effective than giving birth in hospital, particularly for women who have given birth before University of Oxford research concludes.The research, in the British Medical Journal, compared the costs of giving birth in different places and the health outcomes for mother and baby. More than 60,000 […]

Morning after pill not effective on most fertile days

The ‘morning after pill’ which was being offered over the phone in a controversial new scheme over the Christmas period is “not effective” when a woman is most fertile, a consultant gynaecologist has warned.Dr Kate Guthrie said Levonelle One Step, the form of emergency contraception being offered by the British Pregnancy Advice Service (bpas), was […]

Caesareans operations to be offered due to midwife shortages

Caesareans are to be offered to all pregnant women who ask for them, new guidelines state, amid concerns that some are too scared to give birth naturally on Britain’s overstretched labour wards.A lack of support is leading to “traumatic” natural births, say experts, resulting in women fearing a repeat experience. Studies show that up to […]

Overweight mothers give birth to fat babies new research finds

Childhood obesity appears to begin in a mother’s womb, a new study has concluded using state of the art technology to monitor fat levels in unborn babies.Researchers found some babies have similar build up of fat around their abdomen that adults aged in their 50s have. The study of babies at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, […]

NHS hospitals crippled by labour’s PFI scheme

Patient care is under threat at more than 60 NHS hospitals which are “on the brink of financial collapse” because of costly private finance initiative schemes the Health Secretary warns.Andrew Lansley says he has been contacted by 22 health service trusts which claim their “clinical and financial stability” is being undermined by the costs of […]

Men biologically wired to care for children

In a blow to the nanny state’s view of fatherdom, new research has found that there is a biological reason why so many men suddenly discover their caring side when they become fathers.A study found that men’s testosterone levels fell by around a third in the days and months after their partner gave birth. The […]