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Tag: labour spin

Dismantling NHS IT computer scheme could cost more money

Dismantling Labour’s disastrous £12 billion NHS IT programme may cost taxpayers more than keeping it going.Ministers announced on Thursday that they will speed up the scrapping of the National Programme for IT (NPfIT)  after a review concluded “there can be no confidence that the programme has delivered or can be delivered as originally conceived”. It […]

NHS hospitals crippled by labour’s PFI scheme

Patient care is under threat at more than 60 NHS hospitals which are “on the brink of financial collapse” because of costly private finance initiative schemes the Health Secretary warns.Andrew Lansley says he has been contacted by 22 health service trusts which claim their “clinical and financial stability” is being undermined by the costs of […]

30% rise in negligence claims against NHS

Clinical negligence claims against the National Health Service have increased by almost a third over the past year, with an extra £100 million paid out to victims of medical blunders.Nearly 9,000 patients claimed for damages after allegedly suffering at the hands of doctors or nurses, figures from the NHS Litigation Authority show. It paid out […]

NHS to abandon £12 billion IT project as a labour failure

The Department of Health should consider abandoning the disastrous £12 billion NPfIT project to computerise all patients’ medical records according to a powerful group of MPs.The integrated electronic care records system was a central part of Labour’s £12 billion National Programme for IT (NPfIT). The Public Accounts Committee says that although £2.7bn of taxpayers’ money […]

Killer quango NICE unveils new money saving tool

Killer quango NICE- The National Institute for Curbing Expenditure has launched a new online money saving tool – NICE Pathways – that pulls together connected National Health Service guidance into one easy-to-use resource. For the first time, doctors and commissioners will be able to view and navigate all of NICE’s separate sets of recommendations that […]

Councils planning sharp rise in care home fees

Councils are planning a sharp rise in care home fees to counter Government cuts and a rapidly aging population. Almost nine out of 10 local authorities confirmed proposals to charge more for residential accommodation to plug a huge budget shortfall, figures show. Other councils are planning to shut centres altogether or dramatically tighten up the […]

Labour left taxpayer £60 billion PFI bill for new hospitals

The last Labour government left taxpayers with a £60 billion PFI bill for the scores of new hospitals it built during its 13 years in power, new figures reveal. They shine a fresh light on the profligacy of the party’s use of Private Finance Initiative (PFI) schemes. Labour ministers only paid £5 billion of the […]

Swine flu- labour’s spin led to sensationalised reporting say MPs

It is “absolutely essential” that the coalition government improves how it communicates risk and uncertainty to the public and the media, say MPs, reporting on Ministers’ handling of the H1N1 (swine flu) pandemic. On July 16, 2009, when Chief Medical Officer Sir Liam Donaldson held a press briefing that led to media reports suggesting that […]

Cancer patients abandoned after treatment

The number of cancer patients being admitted to hospital through accident and emergency has doubled in less than a decade amid claims they are being “abandoned” after receiving treatment. Such admissions are meant to be “the exception” but the number has increased from 70,000 in 2000/01 to 140,000 in 2008/09, according to the National Audit […]

MPs attack Labour inaction on health inequality

Labour chair of public accounts committee laments ‘bad story of missed opportunities’ in tackling health inequality. Labour’s stewardship of the NHS produced an alarming health gap that saw people living in the poorest neighbourhoods in England die almost two years before those in the rest of the country, in what the head of the public […]