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Tag: exercise

Dementia- priorities for avoidance and treatment

Dementia has been described as a “global disaster waiting to happen” and the biggest health and care problem of a generation.Someone is diagnosed with the disease every four seconds and cases are expected to soar from 44 million now to 135 million by 2050. The disease already costs the world £370 billion each year. This […]

Olympian lifespan is possible for everyone

The longevity lifespan that Olympians enjoy is within the reach of everyone, doctors say.A research report- Survival of the fittest: retrospective cohort study of the longevity of Olympic medallists in the modern era is published by the British Medical Journal (BMJ) suggests athletes live 2.8 years longer on average than the average lifespan. The research […]

Grumpy old men and women lead to early demise

Research warns that levels of happiness among over 50s had a significant bearing the onset of disability, slower walking speed and incidence of coronary heart disease.The study, which follows the lives of more than 10,000 English people throughout older age, shows that psychological well being could be used to predict which people will go on […]

Superfoods- scientifically what are they?

Superfoods is yet another ambiguous food phrase to go along with “all-natural,” “no sugar added,” and “no artificial flavours or colours”.But scientifically speaking- what are they? There really are foods that many nutritionists consider superfoods. But these foods won’t come from your nearest take away or the processed, pre-packaged food from the grocery store or […]

London 2012 Olympics- Britain must seize upon success to keep healthy legacy alive

Britain’s success at the London Olympics must be seized on to improve sport in schools and communities and guarantee future victories, top athletes and government ministers urge.Teachers should bring back competition in every school and more people should volunteer at local sports clubs if the legacy of the Games was not to be lost, they […]

Weight lifting exercise reduces risk of type 2 diabetes new research finds

Weight training five times a week can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by a third and if combined with aerobic exercise can cut the risk by almost 60 per cent, a study has found.Even small amounts of weight training had an effect on type 2 diabetes, it was found, which is important for […]

Revealed- womens’ sexiest time

The time women are most likely to want to engage in sexual activity has been uncovered by new research.A survey has concluded that around 11pm on a Saturday night is the most common time for a woman to feel amorous. However, for many, having sex in the bedroom is not on the agenda. Forty per […]

Stroke risk patients with above average blood pressure can be helped with drugs

Patients with hypertension, or chronic high blood pressure, are often given drugs to lower their risk of heart disease and stroke but the medication could also benefit a wider group of patients.Researchers found that people with prehypertension, where blood pressure is higher than normal but not as severe as in hypertension, had a 22 per […]

Unhealthy lifestyle is responsible for half of cancers

Almost half of cancers are caused by an unhealthy lifestyle that could be avoided by quitting smoking, losing weight, exercising and drinking less alcohol, the most comprehensive study of its kind has found.Around 134,000 cancers each year are the result of a poor lifestyle, Cancer Research UK has found. In the most wide reaching study […]

British women officially the fattest in Europe

British women are the most overweight in Europe, according to official figures.Between the ages of 18 and 74, almost one woman in four is so fat their health is suffering. The figure is far worse than most other countries. By comparison, 12.7 per cent of Frenchwomen are overweight, 14.4 per cent of Spaniards and just […]