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Tag: cosmetic surgery

Doctors want new cosmetic surgery laws

Surgeons want new laws to protect patients undergoing cosmetic surgery The Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) has called on the government to introduce legislation in the next Queen’s Speech to protect patients undergoing cosmetic surgery, as the organisation and the General Medical Council (GMC) publish new standards on cosmetic procedures. The RCS’s new Professional Standards […]

Cosmetic surgery cooling off period suggested

Doctors who carry out cosmetic procedures should give patients time to think before agreeing to go ahead. The General Medical Council (GMC) has produced the guidance to make surgical and non-surgical procedures, such as facelifts, breast implants, dermal fillers and Botox, safer. It will now consult doctors and the public about the guidance, however plastic […]

Faulty breast implants- PIP director given jail sentence

The boss of the French company PIP which made faulty breast implants has been given a four years jail sentence.Jean-Claude Mas, the founder of the PIP company, was also fined £63,000 (75,000 euros) by a court in Marseille. However,  he will remain at liberty until a French court hears an appeal lodged by his lawyer. […]

Preventative breat cancer healthcare- new choice of drugs or mastectomy

Women at high genetic risk of breast cancer could soon have a new treatment option other than double mastectomy – preventive drugs.Draft recommendations from the drugs watchdog in England and Wales, the National Institute for Curbing Expenditure (NICE), say such women should be given the option of taking tamoxifen or another drug called raloxifene for […]

Faulty medical implants- a system that favours manufacturers over patient safety

In terms of regulation, the role of the European Union is supposed to ensure the highest level of patient safety. But what has been found out by the Telegraph and the BMJ’s investigation now puts this claim in serious doubt.To put it bluntly, device regulation is in disarray: the evidence requirements at the time of […]

Weight loss surgery sold as a quick fix for obesity

Weight loss surgery is being sold as a quick fix option to obesity surgeons warn.Firms are using questionable selling techniques including limited period offers, potentially misleading before-and-after photos and celebrity ‘success stories’ to attract clients. Too often patients are not being properly informed of the risks of gastric band and gastric bypass surgery – which […]

Major cosmetic surgery review launched

Britain’s cosmetic surgery industry faces tough new regulations over fears that patients are being misled over the safety of procedures.The Government has launched a review into cosmetic surgery following the PIP breast implant scandal Minimum training requirements for surgeons and psychological screening to protect vulnerable patients are expected to be introduced after an inquiry into […]

PIP breast implants- the latest news and information

Worries about the breast implants made by PIP have emerged since news of a major investigation into the France firm.Initially it was thought that around 40,000 women in the UK had the implants but yesterday the Department of Health said new evidence meant a further 7,000 women in the UK might have them. About 95% […]

Obese and smokers denied NHS treatment to save money

The NHS has been accused of trying to save money by blocking access to surgery for smokers and obese patients as new figures show how they are routinely being denied treatments.Data shows that more than a quarter of Primary Care Trusts in England have brought in new restrictions based on patients’ lifestyle criteria in the […]

Breast implant scandal- new Government campaign to reassure women

The Government is trying to reassure women fitted with PIP implants to prevent a rush for NHS surgery to remove faulty breast implants.The adverts, to run in a number of national newspapers at the weekend, will emphasise there is “no clear evidence” that the French made implants cause more harm than other brands. Almost £135,000 […]