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Tag: cholesterol

Statin increase will save lives

Raising the dose of cholesterol lowering statin drugs could prevent many more heart attacks and strokes, say researchers. UK and Australian teams compared a standard statin treatment with a more intensive therapy, publishing results in the Lancet medical journal. They concluded that higher doses cut heart attacks and deaths by 13%. Experts warned that a […]

Statins cut bowel cancer risk by 12%

Cholesterol lowering drugs used to prevent heart problems can reduce the risk of bowel cancer by 12%, a study has suggested. The beneficial effect of statins emerged from an analysis of 22 studies involving more than 2.5 million participants. “Statin use was associated with a statistically significant reduction in colorectal cancer,” said lead research Dr […]

Memo to Gordon Brown- laughter really is the best medicine

On the morning after Gordon Brown’s “disastrous” day- Health Direct sends a message to him: laughter can do as much good for your body as a jog around the park, scientists have claimed. Doctors describe “mirthful laughter” as the equivalent of “internal jogging” because it can lower blood pressure, stress and boost the immune system […]