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Tag: Cannabis

Cannabis no worse than junk food claims report

Campaigners have urged a review of drug laws after a respected independent body compared cannabis use to “moderately risky” gambling or junk food.The publication of a six year study published by the UK Drug Policy Commission (UKDPC) reveals that the £3 billion spent annually tackling drugs is not evidence-based and calls for a “wholesale review” […]

Legal highs becoming bigger issue than illegal drugs

Legal highs are becoming a bigger problem than illegal drugs with many young people wrongly believing they are safe. Alan Andrews, an ex-heroin addict who runs a Llanelli-based drug intervention centre, said some legal drugs were stronger than illegal counterparts. The programme has investigated the issue of legal highs, more than a year after the […]

Cannabis could be used to treat epilepsy medical researchers discover

Researchers at the University of Reading have discovered that three compounds found in cannabis leaves can help to reduce and control seizures in epilepsy. They are now using extracts from the plants grown in huge industrial-sized greenhouses in the south of England to develop new drugs that could ease the misery of millions of epilepsy […]

War on drugs has failed say former heads of MI5, CPS and BBC

The “war on drugs” has failed and should be abandoned in favour of evidence based policies that treat addiction as a health problem, according to prominent public figures including former heads of MI5 and the Crown Prosecution Service. Leading peers – including prominent Tories – say that despite governments worldwide drawing up tough laws against […]

Study backs use of cannabis based Sativex to treat Multiple Sclerosis

The results of a Phase III trial have shown the ability of GW Pharmaceuticals’ cannabinoid based medicine Sativex to reduce severe spasticity associated with Multiple Sclerosis. According to the data, published in the European Journal of Neurology, about half of MS patients who had failed to respond to standard therapy experienced an improvement in spasticity […]

High Society- a drug education exhibition by the Welcome Trust

High Society- a drug education exhibition by the Welcome TrustWith the illicit drug trade estimated by the UN at £200 billion a year and new drugs constantly appearing on the streets and the internet, it can seem as if we are in the grip of an unprecedented level of addiction. Yet the use of psychoactive […]

High Society exhibition- can dope give us hope?

The current ban on hallucinogenic drugs are holding back vital research into their medical benefits. Last week, the news took on a decidedly trippy tinge. First, Professor David Nutt, sacked as an adviser to the Labour government for criticising its policy on drugs, sparked controversy when he published research suggesting that heroin was less damaging […]

Alcohol more harmful than heroin or crack new research finds

Sacked government drugs adviser David Nutt publishes investigation in Lancet reopening debate on classification.Alcohol is the most dangerous drug in the UK by a considerable margin, beating heroin and crack cocaine into second and third place, according to an authoritative study published today which will reopen calls for the drugs classification system to be scrapped […]

George Soros gives $1m to California’s pro cannabis campaign

Billionaire financier George Soros has donated $1m to the campaign to legalise marijuana in California.California’s campaign to legalise marijuana received a major boost with a $1m donation from billionaire financier and philanthropist George Soros. The cash infusion, one week before Californians vote on a measure tomorrows that would let anyone over 21 grow and possess […]

Top doctor Sir Ian Gilmore calls for drugs law review

Decriminalising drug use could drastically reduce crime and improve health, the outgoing president of the Royal College of Physicians has said. Sir Ian Gilmore said the laws on misuse of drugs should be reviewed and that their supply should be regulated. He had formed his view after seeing the problems caused by dirty needles and […]