Nanny state

The Nanny state- how Labour is trying to dictate and interfere with the population:

More patients die as lone GPs cover thousands in opt out services
Mon, 15 Feb 2010- Some parts of Britain are relying on just one out-of-hours GP at night to serve more than 240,000 residents.

Whistleblower who criticised NHS cost cutting wins damages
Wed, 10 Feb 2010- A consultant urologist who was suspended after speaking out against cost cutting at an NHS hospital has won damages at an employment tribunal in a landmark case.

Obese patients encouraged to put on weight to qualify for surgery
Fri, 29 Jan 2010- Access to NHS weight loss operations is inconsistent, unethical and a postcode lottery, says Royal College of Surgeons

Nanny state libel laws gag doctor over drug risks
Mon, 28 Dec 2009- General Electric, one of the world’s biggest corporations, is using the London libel courts to gag a senior radiologist after he raised the alarm over the potentially fatal risks of one of its drugs.

Labour’s nanny state failing poor children as child obesity trends show class divide is growing
Tue, 22 Dec 2009- A widening class gap is likely to be seen in the coming years in childhood obesity, new research suggests.

Santa promotes obesity and drink driving, claims nanny state health expert
Thu, 17 Dec 2009- Traditional images of Santa Claus set a bad example and could promote obesity and drink driving, a public health expert has warned.

Cancer research at risk in scramble for care funds
Fri, 4 Dec 2009- Research into cancer and dementia will come under threat from labour government plans to fund nanny state social care, experts warned.

Nanny state wants NHS to provide free marriage guidance
Wed, 25 Nov 2009- Couples are to be offered marriage guidance counselling for free on the NHS, in a move which has drawn strong condemnation from patients and doctors’ groups.

Professor Nutt- if we want to reduce deaths, alcohol and heroin are the issues
Mon, 9 Nov 2009- Having been sacked from the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD), Professor David Nutt talks to the Telegraph.

Nanny state bribes may be more effective than diets
Mon, 12 Oct 2009- Paying people to lose weight works better than diet plans, unsubstantiated research suggests

Doctors told to break confidentiality of patients with knife injuries by nanny state
Thu, 1 Oct 2009- Doctors are being told to report patients who come to them with knife injuries to the police and disregard their confidentiality under new guidelines.

Convict wins right to NHS cosmetic treatment
Thu, 24 Sep 2009- A double murderer serving a life sentence has won a High Court victory in his long running legal campaign for the right to undergo cosmetic surgery to remove a large facial birthmark.

Swine flu- nanny state criticises naughty professionals who refuse vaccine putting patients at risk
Thu 10 Sep 2009- Doctors and nurses are potentially putting patients at risk if they refuse the swine flu vaccine, labour’s nanny state has warned.

Cancer postcode lottery- London patients get three times more funding than those in Leicester
Fri, 21 Aug 2009- The full extent of Britain’s postcode lottery in cancer care has been laid bare by research showing some health trusts are spending three times as much per patient as others.

Sex, drugs roll up with labour’s nanny state- teenage pregnancies a real sex scandal
Tue, 4 Aug 2009- The disappointing rise in teeanage pregnancies is the result of a shocking failure of labour’s nanny state policy.

Swine flu could become resistant to Tamiflu because of over prescribing
Wed, 29 Jul 2009- Swine flu could become resistant to Tamiflu, the only drug that can treat the virus, because it is being over prescribed, a leading doctor has warned.

Swine flu- travellers abroad face hostile reception
Thu, 23 Jul 2009- Long viewed with suspicion for bringing drunken rowdiness to foreign cities, the British face a new reason for hostility as they head abroad for summer holidays: the risk that they bring swine flu with them from the country with one of the world’s highest infection rates.

NHS waiting times have risen by a third in a month
Mon, 29 Jun 2009- Waiting times in the NHS have risen by almost a third due to bad weather earlier this year, it has emerged.

NHS bribes to kick bad habits by nanny state
Tue, Jun 2, 2009- The NHS is offering iPods, hotel breaks and helicopter trips as incentives to drinkers, smokers and drug users to adopt healthier lifestyles or undergo tests and treatment by the nanny state.

Swine flu- Labour Government signs up for 90 million doses of vaccine
Wed, May 27, 2009- Labour Ministers have signed agreements to secure up to 90 million doses of swine flu vaccine despite the fact that a pandemic has not yet been declared.

Labour nanny state’s health bribes of questionable value
Thu, 16 Apr, 2009- Financial incentives from the taxpayer for people to quit smoking, lose weight or eat better may be an important means of improving the population’s health, but more research is required to prove if they are worth the money.

Nanny state fat tests for adults over 40 in new labour Government drive to tackle obesity
Wed, 8 Apr, 2009- Everyone aged between 40 and 74 will be called in to their GP for a ‘fat test’ and prescribed weight management and exercise if they are found to be overweight, under a new labour Government nanny state drive on obesity.

Plans to safeguard NHS patients’ lives
Wed, 1 Apr, 2009- Health Direct reproduces the Conservatives and the Telegraph’s plans to safeguard patients’ lives in the face of labour’s NHS targets and red tape.

Labour’s nanny state wasted health gap money
Mon, Mar 16, 2009- Labour ministers have wasted tax payers money in their attempts to tackle health inequalities, MPs say.

NHS managers voice worries over ‘Stalinist’ SHA tactics
Wed, Feb 18, 2009- The zero tolerance culture for failure has made some chief executives fear for their jobs as a “Stalinist” culture is draining the NHS of experienced chief executives and making trusts insular and risk averse, Health Direct has learnt from senior leaders.

NHS staff face sack if they discuss religion in new nanny state DoH edict
Thu, Feb 12, 2009- All National Health Service employees risk losing their job if they discuss their religious beliefs with colleagues or patients, Health Direct has learnt.

Cost to the NHS of helping smokers to quit has risen by two thirds
Mon, Feb 02, 2009- The cost to the NHS of helping smokers kick the habit has risen from £148 to £244 per person, official figures have shown.

Outrage over NHS organ donations sold to foreigners
Mon, Jan 12, 2009- The organs of 50 British National Health Service donors have been given to foreign patients who have paid about £75,000 each for private transplant operations in the past two years, freedom of information documents show.

Nanny state children aged five to get sex education
Tue, Oct 28, 2008– Children as young as five will be given sex education under labour’s nanny state plans to cut teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Cervical cancer jab given ‘without consent’ by nanny state
Tue, Oct 14, 2008– A mother claims her daughter was injected with the cervical cancer vaccine without her consent.

Drugs classification should be scrapped, experts say
Tue, Sep 30, 2008- A leading think tank has called for the labour Government’s system of drugs classification to be scrapped.

NHS at 60- Growing ranks of elderly add to costs dilemma
Mon, Jul 28, 2008- NHS at 60- Technological change, ageing populations and rising expectations: for health ministers and executives worldwide they are the three furies that bedevil attempts to contain the spiralling cost of care.

Labour’s nanny state new £10m spin campaign on alcohol ignores science
Wed, June 11, 2008- Health Direct has reviewed labour’s new £10m spin campaign on the risks of drinking alcohol- which shows that they are again ignoring science and wasting tax payers money.

Foundation status promise broken by a mile
Thu, Jun 5, 2008- Health ministers have missed by a mile the goal that every NHS hospital should, by March this year, have had the opportunity to become a foundation trust.

Labour’s nanny state bans children with no MMR vaccinations
Fri, May 30, 2008- Labour’s latest nanny state wheeze to cover up their MMR vaccinations fiasco is to ban children from starting school until they receive the MMR jab.

Doctors revolt at anti white bias political correctness of labour’s nanny state
Tue 20 Nov 2007- One of Britain’s most eminent consultants has claimed white male doctors are being denied bonuses because of politically correct “reverse discrimination” by the National Health Service.

Labour’s nanny state wants us to stop eating and drinking
Mon 12 Nov 2007- A new inquiry into lifestyle and cancer has issued several stark recommendations. They include not gaining weight as an adult, avoiding sugary drinks and alcohol, and not eating bacon or ham. Everyone must also aim to be as thin as possible without becoming underweight.

Sicko Michael Moore film has mad view of the NHS
Mon 5 Nov 2007- The fourth estate has always had a bad name, but it seems to be getting worse. Journalism should be an honest and useful trade, and often still is. But now that journalism has more power than ever before, it seems to have become ever more disreputable.

Labour rewards drug addicts as only 6pc of users are free of drugs each year.
Thu 26 Oct 2007- Heroin and cocaine addicts on the labour government’s treatment programme are being given drugs as a reward for clean urine samples, Health Direct has learned.

UNICEF blasts labours breastfeeding nanny state
Thu 30 Aug 07- The long term health of mothers and babies is being put at risk by UK hospitals that have failed to introduce pro-breastfeeding policies, the United Nations says. UNICEF, the UN children’s fund, today releases a report showing that four out of 10 maternity hospitals have not implemented guidance from the National Institute for Curbing Expenditure (NICE) that was published a year ago.

Anger over NHS plan to give addicts iPods
Tue 25 Jul 07- Drug addicts are to be offered gift vouchers and prizes on the National Health Service under plans by the labour government’s medicine watchdog NICE to encourage them to stay clean.

NHS IVF clinics to help lesbians get pregnant
Tue 17 Jul 07- An NHS IVF fertility clinic is proposing to treat single women and lesbian couples who have no medical problems. The reproductive medicine unit at University College London Hospitals (UCLH) NHS Trust believes it would be discriminatory to refuse artificial insemination to women who cannot conceive because they do not have a male partner.

Smoke detectives are taking over bliar’s nanny streets
Wed 21 Feb 07- Thousands of council officers will be on the streets this summer, patrolling bars, restaurants and shops to police the smoking ban. Smokers’ campaigning groups said the scheme would be a “complete waste of public money”. The British Beer and Pub Association said the plan was “heavy handed”. Local authorities have been granted £29.5 million to raise awareness about the rules.

Doctors who ban surgery for fat smokers are right, says nanny Hewitt
Tue 13 Feb 07- Patricia Hewitt, the Health Secretary, has given her blessing to the policy of denying operations to smokers until they kick the habit. Endorsing a position adopted by some health trusts, the minister also voiced support for doctors who order patients to lose weight before treatment.

Labour to extend nanny state with fatherless babies in IVF fertility revolution
Mon 11 Dec 06- A child’s need for a father will no longer be a consideration when a woman seeks fertility treatment, ministers will say this week. The move which comes despite widespread public opposition and which will give single women and lesbians the right to treatment forms part of a shake-up of Britain’s embryology laws. One of the key proposals would allow research on test-tube embryos that were part-human, part-animal referred to as “chimeras”.

Call for IVF ban for obese, but young, smoking lesbians may win IVF postcode lottery.
Wed 30 Aug 06- Very obese women should be denied IVF fertility treatment, experts say. The British Fertility Society is recommending women with a body mass index of 36 and over should not be allowed access to fertility treatment. Underweight women and those classed just as obese (BMI over 29) should be forced to address their weight before starting treatment, the society said. NHS guidelines say overweight women should be warned of the health risks, but do not impose any ban on treatment.

Late motherhood as ‘big a problem’ as teenage mums- nanny state
Mon 14 Aug 06- Middle class women who become pregnant in their late thirties and early forties are as big a public health problem as teenage mothers, a leading obstetrician has warned. Dr Susan Bewley, consultant obstetrician at Guy’s and St Thomas’ hospital in London, wants ministers to formally categorise the epidemic of what she describes as “middle-age pregnancy” as a health hazard and come up with specific policies to deal with it, as happens with teenage mothers.

Hospital fined for treating too many patients
Thurs 3 Aug 2006- An NHS hospital has been penalised for treating its patients too quickly – losing nearly £2.5 million, the cost of the care it provided outside an agreed contract. Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust, which finished the year £16.7 million in the red, had been doing so well with waiting list targets that in one department patients were waiting only a week to see a consultant.

The national homes swindle-a growing scandal
Fri 21 July 2006- In March 2006, Panorama investigated how sick and elderly people are compelled unlawfully to sell their homes to pay for NHS care. The film prompted the biggest viewer response Panorama has ever had with 1,700 emails and 3,000 phone calls. So now we have investigated the stories you brought to us.

New Care Services Minister Ivan Lewis wants Dignity debate about caring for the elderly
Thu 22 Jun- New Care Services Minister Mr Ivan Lewis has said he wants to make dignity of older people one of his top priorities. Speaking at a session on the out of hospitals white paper, he said: ‘I want to make dignity an important theme in my time as a minister. ‘This is not a gimmick; just another initiative. It should be at the heart of what we are doing.

Scare over MMR vaccine safety causes cases of Mumps to soar as immunisation postcode lottery grows
Fri 16 Jun- The scare over the safety of the MMR vaccine is still discouraging parents from immunisation, particularly in London, raising the risk of mumps, measles and rubella. Cases of mumps soared from 4,204 in 2003 to 16,436 in 2004 and to 56,390 last year. The exodus has been also been driven by Labour’s introduction of bonus payments for doctors who meet immunisation targets leading to even more health postcode lotteries.

Surgeon used eBay to buy equipment- and has it confiscated by nanny
Thu 25 May– A surgeon has upset hospital bosses by ordering medical equipment through the auction website eBay. Kevin Murray, a newly appointed consultant at the James Paget Hospital in Gorleston, Norfolk, had been asked to provide a list of the equipment he would need for his operating theatre.

Primary pupils face annual obesity check as the nanny state expands
Mon 22 May-The Labour government has decreed that Primary school children are to be weighed annually, and their parents will be told if they are obese, after the Government overuled its own public health officials

Nanny state expands as Folic acid is added to all bread

Sat 8 Apr– The Food Standards Agency in the UK is recommending the addition of the vitamin folic acid to all flour and bread on sale in Britain within the next year. The agency will recommend in principle that in future all brown and white flour be fortified with folic acid. Wholemeal bread will not require additional folic acid. Calcium, iron, thiamine and niacin are already compulsory ingredients in white or brown flour.

Nanny state blows £334m on PR, spin and waffle

Wed 8 Mar– The Ministry of the obvious blows £334m on PR- you know when you’ve been quangoed. Government advertising, once synonymous with serious matters of public safety, is now campaigning to regulate the minutiae of daily life. A television commercial warns of the risks of undercooking the Christmas turkey, while a leaflet reminds holidaymakers to keep out of the midday sun. Next up is a poster campaign against dropping chewing gum in the street.

Scottish health targets are meaningless and useless

Wed 22 Feb- Ministers are pursuing “meaningless and unambitious” health targets that will fail to rid Scotland of its reputation as the sick man of Europe, one of the country’s leading economists has warned. Dr Andrew Walker, a health economist at Glasgow University and a former NHS manager, has condemned as “useless” eight of the Scottish executive’s 14 key health targets.

Hospital bans ‘cooing’ over new born babies

Mon 26 Sep– A hospital has banned visitors from “cooing” over newborn babies to protect their dignity and parents’ right to confidentiality. People have been told they should resist the temptation to touch or be too familiar with the new arrivals. They are also being warned to respect patient confidentiality by not talking to staff or parents about babies.

False illusions of haute-couture health care

Wed 17 Aug– The government lured voters with big ideas for children and the elderly, but the sums don’t add up. If you’re a member of the “sandwich generation”, trying to hold down a job, find quality childcare and organise support for a frail and elderly dad who lives a hundred miles away, Labour’s manifesto promises must have sounded especially sweet.

Magic mushrooms ban becomes law

Thurs 14 July– Mushroom sellers have criticised the law banning magic mushrooms and making them a class A drug which has come into force. The Drugs Act 2005 ends the situation in which fresh magic mushrooms were legal but those which were dried or prepared for use were not

Hospitals to ban bedside Bibles

Fri 3 June- Bosses from Leicester’s three main hospitals said they were considering moving the holy book from patients’ bedsides because it may cause offence and may be responsible for spreading the superbug MRSA.

Healthcare Commission deluged with complaints

Tue 17 May- One in five complaints received by the Healthcare Commission have been waiting more than half a year to be resolved under a deluge of cases. Latest figures released by the commission show that 19 per cent of complaints have not been closed within its own six-month deadline. A further 25 per cent have been with the commission for five or six months.

Labour to give heroin on the NHS

Wed, April 27- Hundreds more heroin addicts are to be given a fix on the NHS. Hundreds of heroin addicts will be able to get the drug free on the National Health Service under a Government programme.

Tony Bliar’s nanny state – Listed on the link are some of the steps that the labour government has taken to nanny and subjugate the UK populace in 2004:

Here are listed some of the steps that the labour government has taken to nanny and subjugate the UK populace in 2004

It’s no nanny state more an extended family, minister says

GOVERNMENT intervention in family life is justified because it enables parents to do “the best for their children”, Margaret Hodge, the Children’s Minister, said yesterday. She likened the State to an extended family and defended its right to meddle in the home.

Mrs Hodge said the Government had a role in children’s upbringing. “There is a proper role for the State in helping parents in the home,” she said in a newspaper interview. “In the past, people got support from the extended family; now they are looking elsewhere.” The State could be a force for good, allowing families to do the best for their children, she said.

“There are always tensions between the liberty of the individual and the wider interests of society, but the State has a role. Parenting in the home is crucial.” For example, the NHS had to deal with the effects of mothers feeding their children nothing but chips. She said that intervention was justified because the State had to pick up the pieces if parenting went wrong. “If children are taken into care, then we have failed, the State has to go in at the beginning and help.

“It’s not just about reading to your child. All the evidence is that if you sing to your child, if you talk to your child, then they do better. If you’re just watching the telly or chatting to your friend on the mobile phone rather than talking to your baby, then your child is not going to prosper.”

Many families wanted advice from the Government on child-rearing, she said. “You take home this little bundle of joy from the hospital and you don’t know where to start. People want the State to help them.”

Her comments precede a government campaign to improve the way parents bring up children. A booklet on how to raise a child will be published by the Department for Education and Skills and given to all new parents. It will offer information about healthy diets and “top tips” on television viewing habits, reading to children and teaching them about sex.

Mrs Hodge is also trying to enlist soap opera writers to the cause, with storylines showing the importance of discipline, safety and education. “Parents have to set boundaries,” she said. “We need to support parents in setting the boundaries.”

Taking the traditional line, she said that ministers should not be afraid of taking a moral lead by claiming that marriage was the best context for rearing children.

“Stability really matters for kids and people are more likely to stay together if they are married,” she said. “Without a childcare infrastructure, there’s no real choice.”

Next week the Labour government is expected to promise yet another big spending increase on nursery and childminder places.

This article first appeared in the Times 25th November 2004:,,8122-1376066,00.html

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