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The Health Direct blog adheres to the eight principles of the Health On the Net’s HON Code of Conduct (HONcode) for medical and health websites. On 17 August 2011 Health On the Net (HON) renewed for a fourth year the Health Direct accreditation.

This website is certified by Health On the Net Foundation. Click to verify. This site complies with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information: verify here.
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1. Qualifications of the Blogger
Simon Dye, Chartered Marketer, MBA,DipM,FCIM,MAMA is the founder and blogger of Health Direct. Whilst I am a fully qualified business and marketing professional, I have no formal medical qualifications. As such any medical news or health advice provided and hosted on this site is from a non medically qualified individual.

2. Complementarity
The purpose of the Health Direct blog is to highlight the waste of tax payers money and preventable deaths by labour’s incompetent control of the NHS. The information provided on Health Direct is designed to support, not replace, the relationship that exists between a patient/site visitor and his/her health professional.

The intended audiance of the Health Direct website are UK voters, patients and potential users of the NHS and UK tax payers who are funding labour’s wasteful health policies.

3. Privacy
Health Direct does not seek nor collect any personally identifiable information and respects the privacy and confidentiality of any personal data submitted to the site by any visitor.

Please also see our Google Data Protection Opt Out page with regard to your online safety.

4. Attribution
The Health Direct blog cites the sources of all published information with dates and working hypertext links to the relevant medical, news and health pages.

5. Justifiability
Health Direct does not recommend or endorse any products or services cited on the blog. All information about the benefits or performance of a specific treatment, product or service are given with all the precautions described in the fourth principle above. Please also see the eighth principle below.

6. Transparency
The designer of this Health Direct website seeks to provide information in the clearest possible manner and accordingly provides contact addresses for visitors that seek further information or support. The Health Direct webmaster can be contacted at: can also be contacted at 24 Charlton Drive, Cheltenham, GL53 8ES, UK.

7. Financial disclosure
The Health Direct blog is a personal website with no external sources of funding. The website is created and hosted by AskingThe Web Guru with search engine optimisation by Search Engine Optimization Services. Additional online marketing expertise is provided by Dr Search the Principal Consultant at the Search Clinic.

The website is owned by Ltd, which is a registered company in England, registration number 3506015. Ltd is a UK based financial services organisation which is licensed by the Office of Fair Trading, Licence number 442874. Accordingly Ltd is not connected in any way shape or form with any medical or health product or service.

8. Advertising Policy
Health Direct receives advertising income from Google’s banner AdSence link sponsorship campaign using standard terms of conditions. Within that legal and technical framework Health Direct does not allow advertising from illegal and pornographic advertisers. The AdSence banners are framed within a border which includes the Ads by Google logo. Health Direct does not use pop up advertising and has no business relationship with any of the Google advertisers. Equally Health Direct does not receive any funding from any political or health care organisation.

HONcode web 2.0 Principles

Principle 1 – Authoritative Information
All comments on this blog are moderated on a daily basis before publication. The moderator is Simon Dye Chartered Marketer- please see point 1 above.

All readers and commentators are assumed to be non medical professionals. However where a qualified health professional gives medical information as a user, his or her status as a medical professional will be identified.

The moderator will behave at all times with respect and honesty.

The moderator personally reviews all comments. Where comments are of a pornographic, links building or non relevant nature they will be treated as spam and not published.

Principle 2 – Purpose of this website
The information provided on Health Direct is designed to complement, not replace, the relationship between a patient and his/her own physician.

Whilst there is no minimum age for the reading or participating on Health Direct it is presumed that all readers are of an age of consent.

Principle 3 – Confidentiality
Health Direct does not seek nor collect any personally identifiable information and respects the privacy and confidentiality of any personal data submitted to the site by any visitor.

Everyone can read a post and use its content.

When the moderator publishes a reader’s comment the submitter has the right to modify or erase his or her original post(s).

Principle 4 – Information will be documented, referenced and dated
When someone wishes to provide a the health/medical information they mention when it is not personal experience and to give references eg links for substantiation of their comments. Personal experience is any symptom, test, treatment etc that the person or a close family member has undergone himself/herself.

All posts and subsequent comments are automatically dated.

Principle 5 – Justification of claims
It is stipulated that all users of Health Direct undertake to disseminate only information that is true and correct in light of their knowledge.

Principle 6 – Website contact details
A contact form is provided below in order to contact the moderator.

Principle 7 – Financial disclosure
The moderator is a volunteer and receives no financial remuneration for so doing.

Principle 8 – Advertising policy
Users may approach Health Direct for marketing purposes, however no advertisements are currently carried and each application for an article or links is treated on a case by case basis- with the principal editorial consideration being Health Direct’s ongoing ethical compliance with the HONcode

On 17 August 2011 Health On the Net (HON) renewed for a fourth year the Health Direct accreditation.

Cookie Privacy policy
This website places cookies- which are small data files, on your computer or handheld device. This is standard practice for all websites.

We don’t track you on this site directly. We do make use of Google Analytics but we solely use that for an idea of visitor counts.

No other personal data is collected and no additional tracking is used.

Terms and conditions- you can’t edit the site so there aren’t really any, do what you like other than break things or be malicious!

You are welcome to add comments to the blog posts- but these are always moderated before being published. No records are kept of individual contributors or contributions other than those approved comments.

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