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Doctors’ tie ban resulted in scruffy health professionals

A health professional has criticised “scruffy doctors” and called for a return to ties and white coats. Stephanie Dancer, a microbiologist at Hairmyres Hospital in East Kilbride, said patients complained they did not know who the doctor was. In 2008, the Scottish government dropped the white coat and banned ties in a bid to cut […]

Norovirus winter vomiting bug claims a million people

The number of sufferers of the winter vomiting bug Norovirus in England and Wales have topped a million the latest figures from the Health Protection Agency suggest.It said there were 3,538 lab-confirmed cases up to 16 December – but that for each another 288 go unreported. The figure is 83% higher than at this stage […]

DNA code of MRSA superbug cracked by scientists

The DNA code of the superbug MRSA has been cracked by scientists so that their future spread can be halted more quickly.A new device can identify specific bacterial strains from their genetic codes so experts can target the transmission path of the infection and cut it off. In an early test of the technology, researchers […]

Hand hygiene campaign cut hospital superbug infections

The campaign to improve hand hygiene in hospitals in England and Wales is contributing to a significant fall in the rates of superbug infections, according to a report.The study published on the BMJ website showed the amount of soap and hand gel being used tripled during the campaign. At the same time, levels of MRSA […]

Record number of patients catch infections in hospitals

The number of patients who contracted life threatening infections in NHS hospitals has almost doubled in two years to a record level, official figures have shown.Recorded cases of patients with a “nosocomial condition” – any infection acquired in hospital or a medical environment – also rose by more than a third last year compared with […]

E.coli outbreak spreads to 12 countries as Britons treated

The deadly new strain of E.coli that is capable of spreading from person to person in Britain has now been detected in 12 countries the World Health Organisation has announced. The bug has now been identified in people in the Czech Republic, France and the United States, adding to those in Germany, Austria, Denmark, the […]

Europe losing superbugs battle

The emergence of antibiotic resistant infections has reached unprecedented levels and now outstrips our ability to fight it with existing drugs, European health experts are warning. Each year in the EU over 25,000 people die of bacterial infections that are able to outsmart even the newest antibiotics. The World Health Organization says the situation has […]