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Archive for 'Liver disease'

Send heavy drinkers for liver scan, GPs told

After the festive season- when people often over indulge there is a new warning on the damage that alcohol does. Women who regularly drink more than three-and-a-half bottles of wine a week should get their livers checked, says new draft advice for England. For men, the threshold is five bottles of wine a week or […]

UK ranks badly in European health league table

The UK is lagging behind progress by similar countries on many indicators for ill health, research suggests.Health data over 20 years was compared with figures from 18 other countries in the research published in the Lancet. Although average life expectancy has risen by four years since 1990, it says the UK needs to increase its […]

Doctors fail to spot drinking problems when patients are sober

Doctors are struggling to spot drinking problems unless their patients turn up drunk, new research has found.When patients are not already intoxicated, GPs on average are only able to identify 40 per cent of problem drinkers, according to an overview of 39 previous studies by Leicester University researchers, involving 20,000 patients. Hospital doctors fared little […]

Professional women drink double alcohol amounts

Professional women drink twice as much than those in manual jobs, reflectig a ‘Sex and the City’ culture, it has been warned.The Chairman of the Alcohol Health Alliance group, said some women used alcohol to cope with daily stresses of balancing work and a family life. Women in highflying careers, such as managers in large […]

24,000 unnecessary deaths from diabetes every year

Up to 24,000 people with diabetes are dying unnecessarily every year, according to a new report.Most deaths could be avoided if they received better NHS care and if their condition was better managed, it said. The report into death rates, from the National Diabetes Audit for England, found that women with diabetes are nine times […]

Unhealthy lifestyle is responsible for half of cancers

Almost half of cancers are caused by an unhealthy lifestyle that could be avoided by quitting smoking, losing weight, exercising and drinking less alcohol, the most comprehensive study of its kind has found.Around 134,000 cancers each year are the result of a poor lifestyle, Cancer Research UK has found. In the most wide reaching study […]

Alcohol drinkers should have two ‘dry’ days a week say MPs

Alcohol drinkers should have two alcohol free days every week warn MPs- who claim current guidelines give the false impression that daily consumption is healthy.The Science and Technology Committee says current advice on “regular” safe intake is confusing, and wrongly leads people to believe that enjoying a few pints of beer or glasses of wine […]

New Year’s healthy resolutions creates virtuous circle

People who choose- and stick to, healthy New Year’s resolutions tend to end up being even more virtuous while bad habits compound themselves new research has found.People who make healthy changes to their life tend to find other benefits occur as a positive side effect. Positive changes have a domino effect meaning people who don’t […]

Alcohol hospital admissions double in a decade

The number of people being admitted to hospital after drinking too much alcohol has more than doubled in less than a decade, new research show.Some 1,173,386 people in England were admitted to casualty for injuries or illnesses caused by drinking in 2010/11, compared with just 510,780 in 2002/3, according to the research. The figures for […]

Amy Winehouse was killed by alcohol- the UK’s favourite drug

Death by misadventure was the verdict at the inquest of Amy Winehouse, who died in July.On the afternoon of July 23, the day Amy Winehouse died at the age of 27, a friend rang me with the sad news, saying: “Shows just how deadly heroin is, doesn’t it?” I replied that heroin certainly can be […]