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Archive for 'Contraception'

Three IVF cycles a minimum treatment requirement

A charity is calling for couples who need help conceiving to have access to three cycles of IVF instead of two. In 2013 a working group, set up by the Scottish government, recommended eligible couples should be offered up to three treatments. But that would only be after health boards had reduced IVF waiting times. […]

Number of mothers aged over 45 treble in a decade

The number of women having babies over the age of 45 has more than trebled in just over a decade as couples delay having children for career and financial reasons, according to official figures.While the prevalence of teenage mothers has dropped dramatically since the 1990s, older mothers have reached the highest level seen in recent […]

Abortions raise risk of premature births next time

Women who abort their first pregnancy are at significantly greater risk of having subsequent premature births a study has found.Previous studies suggested that multiple abortions could result in complications in future pregnancies, but a new paper suggests that the risk after one termination is just as great. Researchers from Aberdeen University studied the health data […]

Thousands denied IVF because of British red tape restrictions

Thousands of couples in Britain are being denied the chance to become parents because the country has one of the most restrictive policies in Europe when it comes to publicly funding fertility treatment.They were speaking after a study was presented at an IVF conference showing that only Russia and Ireland offer worse access. At the […]

How to improve your sperm count- new study confounds conventional wisdom

Men trying to improve their sperm count may be able to ditch the healthy living advice- but should think carefully about their underwear, doctors have found.Smoking, drinking alcohol, using recreational drugs and being overweight are all listed by the National Institute for Curbing Expenditure (NICE) guidelines as factors likely to harm male fertility. But research […]

Rapid rise in numbers of women having repeat abortions

More than a third of women having an abortion are having the procedure for at least the second time, official figures show.There has been a jump in the proportion of women having repeat abortions to reach 36 per cent, equating to around 63,300 women, it has been found. In 2010, 34 per cent of terminations […]

IVF clinics accused of putting money before safety

IVF clinics in the UK are practising aggressive fertility treatments that are putting women and children at unjustified risk, experts say.The commercially driven industry uses unnecessary procedures, high doses of pwerful drugs and risky interventions to help desperate couples spending thousands of pounds to conceive. But a milder, safer approach to IVF could provide equivalent […]

New IVF postcode lottery meaningless ruling by NICE quango

Gay couples and women over 40 will be entitled to the same free IVF treatment as heterosexual couples on the NHS for the first time under new guidelines published today.Same sex couples will be given the same rights as heterosexual couples under guidance issued by the killer quango National Institute for Curbing Expenditure (NICE). The […]

Abortion clinic checks cost £1 million

Urgent checks of abortion clinics ordered by the health secretary last month cost £1 million and meant hundreds of other inspections were cancelled.The Care Quality Commission (CQC) said the request at short notice from the Department of Health meant 580 pre-planned inspections were cancelled. Time spent on planning and inspecting equated to 1,100 days, it […]

Killing babies article reveals the truth of abortion say pro-lifers

Pro-life campaigners have welcomed publication of an article arguing killing newborns should be “permissible”, saying it showed there was no moral difference between abortion and infanticide.The article, which argued newborns and foetuses were only “potential persons” and not “actual persons”, has provoked a storm of protest. The authors, whose piece was published in the Journal […]