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Archive for December, 2013

Health Direct wishes you a Merry Christmas

Health Direct wishes you a Merry Christmas. Health Direct wishes you a Merry Christmas- though a happy and health one- rather than an intoxicated one.

A&E units start to miss four hour waiting targets

The NHS in England is starting to miss its four hour Accident and Emergency (A&E) waiting time targets for the first time this winter.Over the past week, 94.8% of patients were seen within four hours compared to 95.6% the week before. The target is 95%. The figures cover all 242 centres – major A&Es, smaller […]

Legal highs review launched

A new review of legal highs could finally lead to sweeping changes to UK drug legislation, the Home Office has said. Legal highs – officially known as psychoactive substances – are synthetic drugs which can be bought online and sometimes in shops. The review follows concern drug laws are not flexible enough to tackle them. […]

Faulty breast implants- PIP director given jail sentence

The boss of the French company PIP which made faulty breast implants has been given a four years jail sentence.Jean-Claude Mas, the founder of the PIP company, was also fined £63,000 (75,000 euros) by a court in Marseille. However,  he will remain at liberty until a French court hears an appeal lodged by his lawyer. […]

Dementia- priorities for avoidance and treatment

Dementia has been described as a “global disaster waiting to happen” and the biggest health and care problem of a generation.Someone is diagnosed with the disease every four seconds and cases are expected to soar from 44 million now to 135 million by 2050. The disease already costs the world £370 billion each year. This […]

Cancer patients not referred to specialists by GPs

Thousands of people who go on to be diagnosed with cancer were not referred to a specialists by their GP. NHS England data from around 4,000 GP practices suggests symptoms were picked up in other ways, for example by accident and emergency departments. The NHS said not all cancer patients went to their GPs and […]

Operations being rationed to save NHS money

Non emergency operations by the NHS in England appear to be rationed according to recent research. The analysis by the Dr Foster research group looked at three key procedures – knee, hip and cataract operations.  For much of the past decade, patient numbers have been rising as would be expected with an ageing population. But […]

Food poverty is now a health emergency

Food poverty in the UK has now become such a big problem that it should be seen as a public health emergency according to a group of health experts. In a letter to the British Medical Journal, six leading public health figures warned poor nutrition could lead to a host of problems. It comes amid […]

Men and women’s brains are different- it’s official

Men and women’s brains are connected in different ways- which may explain why the sexes excel at different tasks researchers have found.A US team at the University of Pennsylvania scanned the brains of nearly 1,000 men, women, boys and girls and found striking differences. Male brains appeared to be wired front to back, with few […]

Missed Doctors’ appointments is top priority for NHS

Reducing the number of patients not turning up for appointments with their Doctor should be a top priority. Patients’ non-attendance at appointments is as high as 11% in some doctors’ surgeries. David Sissling the NHS Wales chief executive was giving evidence to the Welsh Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC). He said health boards were trying to […]