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Archive for January, 2013

NICE’s system used to decide whether drugs are cost effective is flawed

NICE’s formula which they use to decide whether NHS patients can have access to costly drug treatments is flawed and should be scrapped, according to a European Commission funded study.The National Institute for Curbing Expenditure (NICE) aka the Killer Quango uses a mathematical formula to work out whether it is worth the NHS buying medicines […]

Patients admitted to hospitals on bank holidays almost 50 per cent more likely to die

Patients are much more likely to die if they are admitted to hospital on a bank holiday because there are fewer doctors on duty according to new research.Public holidays are usually tagged on to a weekend, providing a three or four day holiday, resulting in what the authors refer to as a “cumulative effect”. The […]

Man flu does exist as men suffer more from high temperatures when ill

Man flu is not a myth as men suffer more from a high temperatures than women when they are ill a neuroscientist has found.Dr Amanda Ellison, a neuroscientist as Durham University, said that men really do suffer more with coughs and colds despite being accused of exaggerating symptoms to gain sympathy. She said men have […]

Monday mornings are the A&E rush hour

Beware going to your hospital this morning- Doctors and nurses say that Monday mornings are the busiest time of the week.The busiest time in accident and emergency departments in England is Monday morning, hospital data shows. There are 4,000 cases every hour between 10am and noon on Monday – twice the average. Late morning was […]

Number of mothers aged over 45 treble in a decade

The number of women having babies over the age of 45 has more than trebled in just over a decade as couples delay having children for career and financial reasons, according to official figures.While the prevalence of teenage mothers has dropped dramatically since the 1990s, older mothers have reached the highest level seen in recent […]

Importance of dental hygiene

Brushing one’s teeth has long been considered an important part of dental care and good personal health. As long ago as 3000 BC ancient Egyptians constructed crude toothbrushes from twigs and leaves to clean their teeth. Similarly, other cultures such as the Greeks, Romans, and Indians cleaned their teeth with twigs. Some would fray one […]

Children as young as 12 given nicotine patches on the NHS- which parental knowldege

Children as young as 12 are being given nicotine patches by NHS nurses at school- without the knowledge or permission from their parents.The patches are being distributed by nurses employed by NHS South West Essex who visit schools every fortnight and speak to the children confidentially. NHS guidelines say children as young as 12 can […]

New Meningitis B vaccine for killer strain of meningitis is licensed

A meningitis B vaccine that could save thousands of lives has been licensed for the first time, in a move hailed as the most important breakthrough in 30 years.The vaccine could soon be available privately and Government advisers are deciding if it should be introduced into the free NHS childhood vaccination programme. The jab, called […]

Doctor and nurse shortages on wards cause thousands of NHS deaths a year

Shortages of doctors and nurses on hospital wards are likely to cause thousands of deaths a year, a new study has suggested.Researchers found that patients were almost 10% more likely to die when there were fewer medically-trained staff available. It is thought that those being treated in overstretched hospitals are more prone to developing fatal […]

Number of children with asthma admitted to hosptal falls since smoking ban

The number of children with symptoms of asthma who have been admitted to hospital  has fallen since the ban on smoking in public places came into effect.Research shows there was a 12.3% fall in admissions in the first year after the law came into place in July 2007, and these have continued to drop in […]