Office party hangovers cost British business £259 million

British workers who overdo it at their Christmas party cost the economy tens of millions of pounds in lost man hours a survey has calculated.Office party hangovers cost British business £259 millionResearchers found that one in four workers will work fewer than four hours the day after being inflicted with “hangovers” following their end of year celebrations.

The research, concluded that the decline in productivity levels cost businesses almost £259 million throughout the annual party season.

It found that up to a third of workers arrived at work having drunken too much alcohol at their Christmas party- with nearly a fifth arriving late or calling in sick.

The survey, of 1500 people, found one in 10 workers admitted “doing something they regretted” at their staff party. Almost two in three employees also admitted they drank too much during festivities.

Among the top “faux pas” included “ranting” about colleagues, having sex with, or sharing a “cheeky kiss” with senior members of staff and “spreading gossip” about colleagues.

The survey, commissioned by, the online hotel and travel company, found employees in Glasgow, Cardiff and Leeds were the “most likely to be hungover at work”, the day after their Christmas Party.

Meanwhile researchers concluded that “workers in Liverpool, Belfast and Newcastle were most likely to kiss a senior colleague”.

Most parties are held at restaurants and bars.

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