Colgate day in the life of your teeth

Colgate’s toothpaste protects your teeth all day.

New Colgate Total is clinically proven to provide non-stop 12 hour protection against bacteria and long-lasting protection against the most common dental problems.

Colgate Total contains a unique combination of triclosan, an anti-bacterial agent and copolymer. After the plaque has been disrupted through effective brushing, triclosan is retained on the tooth surface by the copolymer, where it can help prevent the plaque from reforming for up to 12 hours. The Department of Health suggests that toothpastes containing triclosan in combination with a copolymer is more effective than standard fluoride toothpaste in improving plaque control and gingival health7.

More UK dentists and hygienists recommend Colgate Total than any other toothpaste (Data on file, Colgate-Palmolive).

  • Clinically proven to provide a more effective level of plaque control compared to a regular fluoride toothpaste
  • Clinically proven to reduce the gingival index more effectively than stannous fluoride toothpaste
  • Contains Sodium Fluoride (1450ppm F) to protect against caries

Product Characteristics, Product Benefits

Triclosan acts effectively against plaque bacteria and has been proven to be safe and effective in a number of long term studies.

Provides 72% reduction in plaque bacteria regrowth – 12 hours after tooth brushing vs stannous fluoride toothpaste.

The copolymer ensures the retention and delivery of triclosan to the surfaces of teeth and gums to create an antibacterial protective barrierReduces the gingival index more effectively than stannous fluoride toothpaste.

Over time, triclosan is slowly released from the copolymer to provide sustained antibacterial activity for 12 hours, even after eating and drinking.

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