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Archive for October, 2011

Three quarters of nurses don’t have time to talk to patients

Three out of four nurses lack the time to talk to patients, a major survey of NHS trusts has revealed.The results of a survey involving almost 3,000 nurses by researchers at King’s College London will prompt further alarm over the standards of care in the NHS. A quarter admit they are too busy to administer […]

Daily calorie counting limits changed by nanny state

An advisory committee has concluded that the recommended daily calorie limits to maintain a healthy weight, laid down 20 years ago, have been slightly on the low side.In 1991 the Committee on the Medical Aspects of Food Policy (COMA) set out that the average man should be eating 2,550 calories daily, and the average woman […]

Women who meet husbands while on pill have happier and longer marriages

Women who are using the contraceptive pill when they first meet their future husband are less attracted to them but are more likely to have a lasting and happy marriage, according to a new study.Marriages last on average two years longer if the female partner is on the pill when the pair share their first […]

Chocolate cuts stroke risk

Women who eat a bar of chocolate a week could reduce their chances of having a stroke by 20 per cent, according to a new research.A study of more than 33,000 Swedish women found that those who ate the most chocolate had the lowest chance of stroke. People who ate 66g per week – about […]

Paramedic patients resuscitation advice- DNR if patients want to die

Paramedics are to be told if a patient does not wish to be resuscitated or wants to die at home, under plans backed by ministers.Adults in Britain can legally refuse medical treatment, even if it leads to their death but doctors cannot undertake treatment to a patient if it clashes with any clinical judgment. Patients […]

Weight loss plan lacks evidence

‘Nudging’ people to lose weight by thinking about their lifestyle shows little evidence of success, an analysis of published data suggests.It showed the step by step “nanny state” behavioural approach used in hospitals and clinics led to an average weight loss of 2kg or less. The report, by The Cochrane Library, looked at studies involving […]

Numbers of heroin and crack cocaine users in treatment falls

The number of heroin and crack cocaine users needing treatment in England has fallen by 10,000 in two years. The National Treatment Agency for Substance Abuse said the number of adults that began treatment for the class A drugs fell from 62,963 in 2008/09 to 52,933 in 2010/11. The steepest decline was in the under […]

Obesity and chronic disease cost UK PLC £20 billion a year

Obesity and chronic health conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes cost Britain £20 billion a year in terms of lost productivity, analysis by the polling firm Gallup has found.Overweight and obese workers with no chronic problems take twice as many days off as comparable workers of a healthy weight, found the survey of […]

Alcohol limits advice confusing

The advice on alcohol limits is too confusing according to Debbie Bannigan the head of the charity Swanswell. She says that ‘units’ mean nothing to many people – and the guidance should be clearer and easier to remember. In this week’s Scrubbing Up, she says that to have a daily “safe” amount is misleading and that […]

Researchers seek diabetic patients for diabetes dating agency

A massive recruitment drive is under way to match up thousands of diabetic patients with diabetes research projects aimed at finding a cure for the disease.The scheme is being likened to a kind of “dating agency” that puts researchers and patients in contact. Researchers say about 30% of cancer patients may be taking part in […]