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Archive for August, 2011

Study reveals disturbing rate of failure among some surgeons

Thousands of patients are being forced to go under the knife for a second time because as many as half the operations carried out by some NHS surgeons end in failure.The disturbing finding comes from a study of bowel surgery, one of the commonest operations carried out on the NHS. Patients whose bowel operations fail […]

15 minute daily exercise is bare minimum for health

Just 15 minutes of exercise a day can boost life expectancy by three years and cut death risk by 14%, new research suggests.Experts in The Lancet say this is the least amount of activity an adult can do to gain any health benefit. This is about half the quantity currently recommended in the UK. Meanwhile, […]

Caffeine in sunscreen could protect against skin cancer

Putting caffeine in sunscreen could provide greater protection against skin cancer new research suggests.Scientists believe the chemical found in coffee absorbs ultraviolet radiation when applied to the skin and prevents tumours after exposure to sunlight. They found in experiments that mice were slower to develop skin cancer if they were genetically engineered to suppress a […]

Every hour of TV watching shortens life by 22 minutes

Every hour spent watching television shortens the viewer’s life by 22 minutes, academics warn.Anyone who spends six hours a day in front of the goggle box is at risk of dying five years sooner than those who enjoy more active pastimes, it is claimed. Researchers say that watching too much TV is as dangerous as […]

Cancer discovery offers hope of tackling spread of disease

Scientists have discovered how cancerous cells can grow their way out of tumours, offering clues for new drugs to prevent cancers spreading.They say they have identified a protein called JAK which helps cancerous cells generate the force needed to move. Writing in Cancer Cell, they say the cells contract like muscle to force their way […]

Beware- how a sun and sea holiday will shrink your brain power

According to research, taking a holiday– particularly a sunny one – can lower your IQ.A Health warning- two weeks’ holiday could reduce your IQ by as much as 20 points, but, fortunately, the effect is only temporary. Holidays, it seems – particularly to sweltering destinations – can impair mental functioning. The problems begin when you […]

NHS hospitals needed £200 million in bailouts and loans

England’s NHS hospitals needed at least £200 million in bailouts and loans as they struggled to balance their books while also meeting tough savings targets, according to a spending watchdog.The Audit Commission said nine NHS trusts “failed to achieve financial balance” and many more applied for extra funding from managers and the Government, although overall […]

St John Ambulance abandoning volunteers over restructuring

St John Ambulance, the charity, has been accused of abandoning its volunteers as it attempts a widespread restructuring project.The first aid organisation has announced plans to streamline its management amid financial woes. It is set to embark on a major restructuring exercise to rebalance its books, which includes setting up eight regional boards and merging […]

Ovarian cancer gene raises risk six fold

Researchers have found a gene which increases the chance of developing ovarian cancer six fold.About one woman in 70 is at risk of developing ovarian cancer, which claims more than 4,200 lives a year. However, for those with a faulty RAD15D gene, the risk is raised to one in 11. The discovery was made by […]

Bupa calls for urgent action over care home crisis

Ray King, chief executive of medical group Bupa, has called for a “chronic underfunding” of the care homes system to be addressed “urgently”.He warned that the NHS may face a “bed blocking” crisis unless fees paid to care home operators such as Bupa rise. Mr King said the number of care home places in the […]