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Dukan Diet founder loses weight loss libel case

Dr Pierre Dukan, the weight loss guru, whose diets are popular with Gisele Bundchen and Carole Middleton, has lost in court against a rival he accused of libel, and has been fined himself.
Dukan Diet founder loses weight loss libel caseDr Dukan, the creator of a diet which has swept the globe, had filed a legal complaint against Jean-Michel Cohen, who criticised the protein-rich diet in a magazine.

A Paris court ruled on Tuesday that there was nothing libelous about Dr Cohen’s comments, and ordered Dukan to pay £2,700 in damages for “abusive procedure.”

Dr Cohen had warned that Dr Dukan’s methods could lead to serious health problems among some patients.

Dr Dukan issued a statement on Tuesday defending the safety of his diet and suggested Dr Cohen was jealous of the “Dukan phenomenon.”

Dukan’s book was France’s best-selling publication last year and is also a US best-seller. The protein-based diet urges against counting calories, instead allowing dieters to eat as much as they like from a limited list of foodstuffs.

Dr Cohen’s diet says readers can eat anything they like providing they stick to one of four calorie-based programmes of up 1,600 calories a day. The overall aim is to foster good eating habits and take regular exercise.