Health On The Net questionnaire

Health Direct have been accredited by the Health on the Net Foundation since 2008 and we have been asked if you would kindly help them by completing a short questionnaire to find out your views on finding health information online.

A survey on search behavior conducted by HON for the KHRESMOI EU project What is your ideal search engine?
Health On The Net questionnaire

We would like to inform you that Health On the Net Foundation is currently participating in a European Union project KHRESMOI which aims to develop a search engine for health and medical information search to meet the needs of general population, MDs and radiologists. In this project, the Foundation and the Society of physicians in Vienna aim to better understand the needs of users (citizens and doctors) searching health information on the Internet. Currently a survey addressing the needs of the citizens is available online.

Help us by participating in our general public survey up until the 17th of April !

You can help us to promote this survey, few options are available here.

English version: Not happy with your online health information search results ?
>> Participate in our survey. Our goal: 500 responses by the 17th of April 2011.

How do you search for health-related information on the Internet?

  • The survey is intended for the representatives of the general public who are looking for health information online at least once a month.
  • The questionnaire was developed by the Health On the Net Foundation, an independent Non-Governmental Organisation dedicated to improving the quality and accessibility of online health information, in collaboration with the Society of physicians in Vienna in the framework of the European Project KHRESMOI – project 2010-2014.
  • Your participation will contribute to better understanding on how the general population is searching for online health information, what are the preferences and difficulties. The results of the survey will contribute to the creation of a new search engine specifically designed for search of health content.
  • You will need around 20 minutes to complete the questionnaire.
  • All the information collected is used exclusively for the purpose of the study. We do not collect personally identifiable information without your consent. More information on the Confidentiality and data privacy usage.
  • All the results will be available on-line for free.
  • Contributions from around the world are welcome.
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