Nurses deliberately damaging uniforms to get new styled ones

NHS staff are going to extraordinary lengths to get hold of the new style uniform.
Nurses deliberately damaging uniforms to get new styled onesBBC Scotland has seen an internal e-mail asking managers to put an end to the “antics” of those trying to get their hands on the new kit.

We understand some staff have been deliberately damaging old uniforms or losing them to get the new ones.

NHS Grampian said staff may have been trying to “jump the queue” but no-one had been disciplined.

The e-mail was circulated by Nursing Services Manager Frances Dunne on 9 July, but was originally written by a staff member named Stephen.

It states: “The new National uniform is proving to be very popular and as a consequence some NHS Grampian staff are going to extraordinary lengths to obtain it.

“Whilst for the most part the behaviours of uniformed staff and their managers – at all levels – may be described as ‘antics’, some are negligent, dishonest and in a number of extreme cases, fraudulent.”

The new NHS Scotland uniform was launched a year ago to replace more than 250 previously-used varieties.

It comprises just one style of tunic, which is available in seven colours depending on the job of the wearer.

The email says that sewing room staff will now request an old uniform for a new one and will check that returned uniforms have lasted as long as expected.

It warns that if staff do not change their behaviour their “conduct” will be investigated.

NHS Grampian said no-one had been disciplined.

A spokeswoman said: “In Grampian our priority is to our new starts, then those who have waited longest.

“It seems, however, that some staff are so anxious to obtain the new uniform that they have been trying to jump the queue.”

A Scottish government spokeswoman said: “We are pleased that the new uniform is proving so popular and it will be rolled out to all staff by 2012.”

A NHS staff member who responded to the BBC news website story said: “I work for the said trust, and I have heard stories about staff ‘pretending’ to lose uniforms to have the new style ones, if a qualified nurse was doing his/her job correctly then they would know that an apron should be worn when doing certain jobs, so I feel that the comments about them being unhygienic do not stand true.”


On April 14, 2010 Health Direct posted –New nurses uniform revealed when nurses and midwives at a hospital in west Wales have become the first to start wearing new national uniforms.

They have been designed to make it easier for patients to see who is in charge of hospital wards after research found many were confused.

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