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Archive for April, 2010

Dying cancer patients are denied approved drugs

Hundreds of cancer patients may have been left to die without access to life prolonging medication, despite the drugs being approved by the labour government. A postcode lottery means hundreds of people are missing out on life-prolonging care Now figures obtained under the Freedom of Information Act show that a cancer patient’s chances of overruling […]

Memo to Gordon Brown- laughter really is the best medicine

On the morning after Gordon Brown’s “disastrous” day- Health Direct sends a message to him: laughter can do as much good for your body as a jog around the park, scientists have claimed. Doctors describe “mirthful laughter” as the equivalent of “internal jogging” because it can lower blood pressure, stress and boost the immune system […]

Health Direct- Health On Net renews our accreditation

Health Direct is very pleased to announce that we were once again been accredited by Health On The Net Foundation (HON) for the third time on April 5 2010. Health On the Net Foundation‘s origins go back to September 7-8, 1995, when some of the world’s foremost experts on telemedicine gathered in Geneva, Switzerland, for […]

NHS boss gets £68,000 in bonuses- on top of six figure salary

NHS bosses are earning annual bonuses of tens of thousands of pounds on top of their six figure salaries as Anna Walker, chief executive of the Healthcare Commission, got £68,000 in bonuses. Hundreds of chief executives, departmental directors and board members of hospitals and other NHS organisations have received extra payments of as much as […]

Nurses warn NHS health trusts plan thousands of job cuts by stealth

A survey by the RCN found thousands of jobs were already earmarked for cuts in an attempt to slash costs. Health trusts are planning to cut thousands of staff “by stealth” to deliver £20bn of “NHS efficiencies”, according to a survey by the Royal College of Nursing. Labour reacted by promising that there would be […]

Quarter of NHS trusts failing hygiene tests

A quarter of health trusts failed to meet standards over hospital infections while five were warned over blood-spattered walls and mouldy instruments under a toughened regulatory regime. Of particular concern was the state of ambulances, which were inspected for the first time. Investigators found dirty forceps stored in some vehicles as well as bloodstains. The […]

How the NHS covers up fatal blunders

NHS hospitals are covering up fatal blunders by doctors and issuing misleading information about accidents to patients’ families. Deaths are sometimes blamed on natural causes or untreatable injury, when in fact patients have suffered a drug overdose, a surgical error or misdiagnosis. New laws came into force last month requiring hospitals to send anonymous reports […]

Ambulance ‘waiting rooms’ cost NHS £11m

The NHS has wasted more than £11m using ambulances as “waiting rooms” to get around Labour’s target that patients should be treated within four hours of entering casualty. New figures reveal the time spent by crews waiting outside hospitals for their patients to be admitted last year was the equivalent to funding 31 fully staffed […]

NHS admits failings in IT records plan

The National Health Service’s £12.7bn scheme to create an electronic patient record will “no longer provide the comprehensive solution” originally promised, says a top NHS executive. Until now, health ministers and officials have acknowledged that the world’s biggest civilian information technology project is running four to five years late, and have said they want to […]

NHS bars cancer sufferer after she saw doctor privately

A woman has been denied an operation on the NHS after paying for a private consultation to deal with her severe back pain after cancer. Jenny Whitehead, a breast cancer survivor, paid £250 for an appointment with the orthopaedic surgeon after being told she would have to wait five months to see him on the […]