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Archive for January, 2010

Obese patients encouraged to put on weight to qualify for surgery

Access to NHS weight loss operations is inconsistent, unethical and a postcode lottery, says Royal College of Surgeons Obese patients are being “effectively encouraged” to pile on the pounds to qualify for weight-loss operations on the NHS, the Royal College of Surgeons warns. The college claims lives are being put at risk as some health […]

Fear over quality of care if NHS centralises further

There is a real risk that the next government will resort to central control of the NHS, reversing the gains of recent years and damaging patient care, warns the outgoing chairman of Monitor, the independent regulator of the self-governing NHS foundation trusts. “As public expenditure tightens, the natural response of governments of any colour is […]

Patients in England and Wales denied arthritis drug available in Scotland by NICE

Patients in England and Wales are being denied a powerful new arthritis drug on the NHS despite a decision by Scottish health authorities to provide it to sufferers for free by NICE- the drug rationing quango. The Government’s drugs rationing body, the National Institute for Curbing Expenditure (Nice), has provisionally said that it does not […]

NHS- renowned experts but no world class hospitals

Britain lacks any world- class hospitals because the culture of the National Health Service is still too much one of central direction and control, according to William Moyes. Having spent six years overseeing the creation and regulation of self-governing NHS foundation trusts – which in theory are Britain’s best hospitals – the chairman of Monitor […]

Labour’s computer blunders cost £26bn- and rising

Labour ministers blamed for ‘stupendous incompetence’ after taxpayers are left with huge bills for bungled IT projects. A series of botched IT projects has left taxpayers with a bill of more than £26bn for computer systems that have suffered severe delays, run millions of pounds over budget or have been cancelled altogether. An investigation by […]

Swine flu- move to recover cost of vaccine

The government is attempting to claw back tens of millions of pounds from flu vaccine manufacturers as it seeks to scale down an immunisation plan to protect the country from a severe pandemic. Officials have cancelled further orders from Baxter, and are finalising a deal to limit purchases from GlaxoSmithKline, in an effort to recoup […]

Tax inspectors target health professionals such as doctors and dentists

Middle class professionals such as doctors and dentists are facing an unprecedented crackdown on tax evasion. Previously, the HMRC has focused on people in blue collar jobs, such as publicans and taxi drivers, when fighting tax evasion. However, it emerged that they are now focusing their attentions on the accounts of white collar professionals earning […]

Two catch Legionnaire’s disease at hospital attacked over hygiene

Two patients have contracted Legionnaire’s disease at a hospital recently condemned for poor hygiene, blood splattered equipment and an unusually high death rate among patients. Both adults were at Basildon University Hospital in Essex when they began to show signs they were affected by the bacteria legionella. A spokeswoman for the hospital said the patients, […]

Labour’s plans for elderly care put essential services at risk

Frontline services such as social work, meals on wheels and road maintenance may have to be cut to cover the cost of controversial plans for elderly care at home, local authority leaders have warned.  The £670 million required to provide free care for those most in need in their own homes — a key government […]

Labours’ only success- wasting taxpayers money

Health Direct is appalled at the expensive IT project that is the NPfIT white elephant- and the money that is being wasted in our names. On Jan 5th 2010 in the House of Lords Lord Warner (Labour) asked how many (a) acute trusts, (b) mental health trusts, (c) general practitioners, and (d) community services, are […]