Your medical confidentiality under threat again

Despite labour’s promises to the contrary- their track record on snooping databases is appalling.

Having launched the Identity and Passport Service last week- which 96% of the population doesn’t want, the labour govt are still going ahead with their health database.

The Department of Health has declared it will push ahead with a mass roll-out of its controversial Summary Care Record (SCR) – uploading parts of your medical record and personal details to a centralised system that is ultimately intended to hold your complete medical history.

So far, only London and the East of England have been mentioned but other regions may be targeted too.

A University College London report found scant evidence for any of the claimed benefits in SCR pilot areas but it appears the Department of Health still wants to ride roughshod over patient consent and medicalconfidentiality.

Having outraged medics and patients with its ‘implied consent’ model – where it is assumed you have consented to having your sensitive information uploaded if you do not respond to a single notification
letter – the Department has adopted a bizarre approach it calls ‘consent to view’.

Under this scheme, you will still only be sent a single letter. If you do not respond, your details will still be uploaded onto the system where they will be accessible to all sorts of non-clinical staff including administrators, bean-counters and bureaucrats, without your knowledge or consent. 

Once on the system, you will not be able to have your details taken off – but you will have to give permission for your OWN doctor to view your record!

It is clear that ‘consent to view’ will not protect medical confidentiality. And the roll-out may be coming to you, sooner than you think.

Please be on the alert and, if you haven’t done so already, think about opting out now. You can always opt in later, if the government can prove its system works. 

Health Direct strongly recommends using the opt-out letter that was developed by with TheBigOptOut at
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