2 Health Petitions- via the Number 10 website

Two petitions for you kind consideration- the abolition of sex rate charge numbers  to book doctor appointments and to prevent the closure of a thriving hospital:

Local health centres and NHS medical practices should be banned from using 08 numbers or offer a local 01 or 02 number alternative for booking appointments, as health centres make a profit using these numbers. For example, an 0870 number costs 10 pence per minute (whereby 4.5pence per minute goes to the local hospital).

Deadline to sign up by: 28 November 2009 –

Ipswich Hospital needs to be kept as a modern and thriving centre of excellence, the public need Ipswich Hospital to remain available to them and this means providing full services, and giving our consultants the support they need to serve the wider community.

The public in this area of the country are frequently ignored for raising real concerns regarding lack of access to services and our medical teams must be supported and heard. Stop taking vital services away, it is not cost effective and it is downright dangerous!

Deadline to sign up by: 21 July 2010
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