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Archive for September, 2009

UK children receive swine flu jab

The first children in Britain to receive a vaccine against swine flu have begun to be immunised. Doctors at five sites in England are comparing vaccines from two manufacturers to see which works best and has the fewest side-effects. Over the next two weeks 1,000 children aged six months to 12 years are being recruited […]

MRSA infections warning for care homes

Poor communication between hospitals and care homes in England may be putting people at risk of MRSA and other superbug infections, the regulator says. The Care Quality Commission found nearly a fifth of homes were not being told if patients discharged from hospitals are or had been infected. Even when they were told, the data […]

Patients to be able to choose GP in new labour spin

Patients will be allowed to register with the GP of their choice within the next year, Andy Burnham , the health secretary, announced. The scrapping of existing GP catchment areas would allow commuters to register with a family doctor near work, or choose another practice locally, outside the catchment area of their primary care trust. […]

Increasing obesity pushes diabetes drug bill to £600m

The rising problem of obesity has helped to make diabetes treatments the biggest drug bill in primary care, with almost £600 million of medicines prescribed by doctors last year, according to the NHS Information Centre. Analysts said that young people contracting the condition, which is often associated with obesity, were helping to push up costs […]

Convict wins right to NHS cosmetic treatment

A double murderer serving a life sentence has won a High Court victory in his long running legal campaign for the right to undergo cosmetic surgery to remove a large facial birthmark. The publicly funded legal challenge by Dennis Harland Roberts, 59, could prompt other prisoners to seek treatments they might otherwise have been denied […]

Doctors urge ban on alcohol advertising

Doctors have called for a total ban on alcohol advertising, including happy hours and sponsorship of music and sporting events. A tough package of measures is needed to “tackle the soaring cost of alcohol related harm” in Britain, said a report from the British Medical Association (BMA). Young people are particularly affected by such advertising, […]

Jack Straw wants legal heroin as Health Sec’s son is charged for cocaine possession

Jack Straw, the Justice Secretary, has called for the NHS to give out heroin on prescription to addicts where other forms of treatment have failed whilst the former health secretary Patricia Hewitt’s 21-year old son Nicholas has been charged with possessing cocaine. Justice secretary Jack Straw has called for imaginative solutions to tackling to the […]

Labour to cut £20bn off NHS budget

The National Health Service will have to find savings of £15bn ($24bn) to £20bn, Andy Burnham, the labour health secretary, has acknowledged. Hospitals are to get their first indication in the autumn of just how far and fast they will have to cut costs to help achieve that. His acknowledgement of  the scale of the […]

Women and older people less likely to receive heart attack drugs

Thousands of women and older people who suffer heart attacks are dying unnecessarily because they are not being prescribed the gold standard treatment which could prevent another attack. One in five people who have had a heart attack in Britain do not receive all four drugs recommended to prevent a second, a study of 60,000 […]

The new CRB check nanny state paranoia won’t stop another Soham

“I helped to catch Ian Huntley and I know these new stupid rules would not have prevented his crimes.” Health Direct reproduces the article below by Chris Stevenson who is a retired detective chief superintendent.  In 2002 I was a senior detective with Cambridgeshire police. That August two ten year old girls disappeared, and I […]