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Archive for July, 2009

Labour Ministers unprepared for swine flu second wave Lords warn

The labour Government appears to be unprepared for an expected second wave of swine flu in the autumn, according to a report by peers published this week. The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee said that ministers had failed to offer reassurances that NHS services could deal with the predicted surge, when several million […]

Pregnant women up to four times more likely to become seriously ill with swine flu

Pregnant women are up to four times more likely to be seriously ill and require hospitalisation when they have swine flu than the general population, new research from the United States suggests. They are also more likely to die of swine flu or even seasonal flu, meaning they should be prioritised for the flu vaccine […]

Swine flu could become resistant to Tamiflu because of over prescribing

Swine flu could become resistant to Tamiflu, the only drug that can treat the virus, because it is being over prescribed, a leading doctor has warned. Dr Holden, the British Medical Association’s lead authority on pandemic flu, said he thought the thresholds for issuing Tamiflu had been set too low, a policy which he fears […]

Cutting doctors hours during swine flu outbreak is unnecessary risk labour Government is warned

Cutting junior doctors hours during the swine flu outbreak will be “a sledgehammer that breaks the camel’s back” medics have warned. Implementing the European Working Time Directive next Saturday, when the NHS is already under pressure with 100,000 new cases of swine flu being diagnosed in a week, is the ‘probably the worst time in […]

Swine flu- labour ministers blamed for chaos

The labour Government will be criticised over its handling of the swine flu crisis by a powerful parliamentary committee this week. The report will attack the labour Government’s failure to keep its promise to set up a flu telephone helpline by April. Labour Ministers will be held to account for the delay in setting up […]

Swine flu helpline hit by problems

The launch of the national pandemic flu service for England yesterday was marred by some early hiccups as the number of the country’s swine flu cases was estimated to have almost doubled in a week from 55,000 to 100,000. Despite the steep rise in cases, there was a smaller increase in the numbers in hospital […]

Swine flu- travellers abroad face hostile reception

Long viewed with suspicion for bringing drunken rowdiness to foreign cities, the British face a new reason for hostility as they head abroad for summer holidays: the risk that they bring swine flu with them from the country with one of the world’s highest infection rates. While the pandemic has spread to nearly 200 countries, […]

Companies in swine flu fight over staff and profits

Most businesses were trying to avoid being swept up in the panic this week. But with the number of cases doubling to 100,000, companies were testing business continuity plans to make sure they could cope with large numbers of sick workers. “With companies already hit by recession, the threat from swine flu is the last […]

Cherie Blair suffering from swine flu

News that the former prime minister’s wife had become Britain’s most high profile victim of the virus came as figures emerged showing that the number of swine flu cases jumped by nearly 50 per cent in a week. Mrs Blair started feeling unwell at the start of the week and received a diagnosis of swine […]

GPs criticise labour response to swine flu pandemic

GPs have criticised the labour Government’s response to the flu pandemic, accusing it of providing conflicting advice to both doctors and patients. The Royal College of GPs is collecting feedback from family doctors on issues arising from the current outbreak, which has been linked to 17 deaths in the UK so far. GPs have complained […]