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Archive for February, 2009

20 trusts set to miss foundation trust deadline

More than 20 hospital and mental health trusts have been warned they are entering an “end game” because they will not be ready to become foundation trusts before December 2010. Those unable to meet the labour government’s deadline face either radical restructuring or becoming part of a “shopping list” for existing foundation trusts looking for […]

Hospitals ration caesarean births to save money

NHS trusts have for the first time barred women from routinely having elective caesareans because they cost too much. The procedure, which costs twice as much as a natural birth, will be rationed in Greater Manchester so that it is only available to women with specific medical conditions. Some top obstetricians condemn the decision, arguing […]

Lord for hire Moonie, the Labour peer, is caught up in NHS fraud inquiry

Police have been asked to investigate the involvement of Lord Moonie, the Labour peer, in a company at the centre of a National Health Service fraud inquiry. The former minister – one of four peers named in the “lords for hire” scandal – is a paid consultant to Americium Developments, a company being investigated by […]

High Stakes- Spice legal highs from the lab

Health Direct continues from yesterday’s posting the Financial Times’s review of labour drugs policy. John Ramsey was intrigued by one item in a haul of suspicious substances gathered by police at the Creamfields dance festival in Cheshire last August. A pre-rolled cigarette packaged as “Spice” contained something that looked like cannabis – and was bought […]

Health Direct reveals Labour’s drug problem

Health Direct asks what is the problem that labour has with drugs? First off, when they took office in 1997 they created NICE- the National Institute for Curbing Expenditure. The spin was that NICE would research and regulate new drugs treatments. In practice this was a clever wheeze to cut NHS costs by limiting access […]

Transplant row over organs for drinkers

Heavy drinkers are receiving nearly one in four of the UK’s liver transplants, it was revealed last night, igniting a furious row about the ethics of allocating organs to people with alcohol problems. Figures show that transplants for heavy drinkers have risen by more than 60% in the past decade, while waiting lists have lengthened. […]

Sir George Godber- pioneer who marched the NHS forward

It has been the misfortune of every chief medical officer for the past 30 years to have had to follow in the footsteps of Sir George Godber who has died at the age of 100. With his death has gone one of the last living links to the foundation of the National Health Service. A […]

NHS managers voice worries over ‘Stalinist’ SHA tactics

The zero tolerance culture for failure has made some chief executives fear for their jobs as a “Stalinist” culture is draining the NHS of experienced chief executives and making trusts insular and risk averse, senior leaders have told the Health Service Journal. The concerns were prompted by the departure of two London hospital chief executives […]

Labour closing maternity increasing, say Conservatives

Labour closes maternity services increasing, say Conservatives with nearly 50 per cent of hospital trusts having to close to maternity admissions at least once in 2008. The Conservatives, who collated the figures from freedom of information requests, said they demonstrated Labour’s “terrible record on maternity”. Fifty of 104 trusts that replied to the requests said […]

NHS boss angry at transplant organs for foreigners

A leading National Health Service hospital has come under attack from the government’s transplant authority for giving livers from dead Britons to overseas European Union patients in private operations. More than 40 procedures using organs from British donors have been carried out on foreigners at King’s College hospital, London, over two years. According to NHS […]