Patient death sparks review of independent treatment centre

The Healthcare Commission has announced a review of services at an independent treatment centre in Yorkshire following the inquest into the death of a patient.

An inquest into the death of John Hubley, 58, heard that surgical equipment and supplies were unavailable at Eccleshill independent sector treatment centre in Bradford, where he underwent surgery to remove his gall bladder.

A deputy assistant coroner described his care as “woefully inadequate”.

The Healthcare Commission said in a statement: “Following the inquest into the death of a patient in 2007 and as part of our standard regulatory activity in the independent healthcare sector, we are conducting a review of services at Eccleshill NHS independent sector treatment centre.

Minimum standards

“This will be a thorough and independent review looking at every aspect of the service. In particular, we want to ensure that the service meets the labour government’s national minimum standards for independent healthcare providers, which are designed to ensure required standards of safety are met. The details of the review are currently being finalised.

“The review will also bring in expert external advisers as necessary. We will report back publicly on our findings in due course. We have advised the Bradford and Airedale primary care trust, Yorkshire and Humber strategic health authority, the Department of Health and the Eccleshill NHS independent sector treatment centre of the review.”


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