Labour’s organ donor fiasco grows

A change in the law on organ donation may yet occur, in spite of an expert advisory body rejecting the idea.

The UK Organ Donation Task Force said that moving to a system where people are presumed to give consent to their organs being used for transplant risked damaging the “vital relationship of trust” between doctors and patients at the end of life.

It admitted that the arguments for and against an “opt-out” system were “finely balanced”.

But it concluded that a “presumed consent” system would be complex and costly and would require a secure IT system – at a time when public trust over the security of labour government held data has diminished.

However, Gordon Brown, the prime minister, said he was “not ruling out a further change in the law”.


Health Direct’s view of the the UK Organ Donation Task Force’s report is that they are barking.

Commonsence predicts that if over half of the population wants organ donation to be an opt out process then far more organs will become available for transplants in the future when a mandatory transplant system is introduced.

To additionally use the excuse of the £12 billion NPfIT white elephant as an example of data insecurity is a damming indictment of the Department of Health’s incompetence- who fund this quango.

Levels of public trust are much higher for doctors than labour politicians and nhs bureaucrats. Trying to shift the blame onto medical professionals is plainly incredulous.

Even ditherer Brown ought to realise that there are financial savings to had from more transplants in reducing NHS costs and greater economic benefit from sufferers returning to work.

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