Health Direct- 4 years and 1000 posts on NHS news, advice and information

Health Direct has now posted over 1,000 news, advice and information stories about the NHS during the past four years.

During this period of labour’s mismanagement of the National Health Service- Health Direct has found billions of taxpayers Pounds wasted, tens of thousands of preventable deaths and thousands of NHS staff sacked because of underfunding.

MRSA and Clostridium difficile superbugs are still killing more people than die from UK road accidents.

PFI and other off balance sheet financing that runs onto billions of Pounds- with restrictive clauses which even prevent local politicians from cutting hospital car parking charges.

The wheels are coming off the world’s most expensive health IT system. Which is so blinkered and rigid that the new polyclinics will not be able to use it- if it ever works properly. Even Google have overtaken the NHS in providing an online health records system- though how secure their system will prove to be is as open to question as labour’s pathetic data privacy track record.

And we have the prospect of nearly another three years of labour’s dithering, stalinist, incompetent direction.

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