Top-ups for drugs are fair says voters

Patients should be given the chance to pay extra for the best available drugs in addition to their NHS treatment, according to a Sunday Times poll.

Nearly two-thirds of those surveyed said patients should be permitted to top up their treatment. The government is reviewing the issue after a Sunday Times campaign.

According to the latest YouGov poll, 73% believe that if treatments exist they should be available on the NHS. Only 21% think there should be a limit on treatment. Nearly a third said they would be prepared to pay extra taxes so the more expensive treatments could be available on the NHS.

Alan Johnson, the health secretary, has asked Professor Mike Richards, the cancer czar, to consider whether so-called co-payments should be allowed again. The labour government has previously argued such a scheme would create a two-tier service and has warned patients that care may be withdrawn if they pay for drugs privately.


Health Direct asks why if labour allows the NHS to pay for the removal of 177,00 tattoos why don’t they also fund cancer drugs?

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