Health Direct compares dangers of drug taking

Health Direct has compared the latest hospital admission figures by drug types which shows that drinking alcohol is by far the most damaging drug.

Health Direct compares risks to drugsCocaine overdose cases quadruple at hospitals

The number of cocaine users being admitted to hospital has quadrupled in eight years, it has emerged as concerns grow that it has become the drug of choice for middle-class men.

An average of more than two people a day are admitted to accident and emergency units for “cocaine-induced health emergencies”, official NHS labour Government data showed.

There were 740 incidents in 2006-07 compared with 161 in 1998-99.

In comparison, heroin overdoses and cannabis poisonings both fell in the same period, according to the figures obtained by Druglink magazine.

The figures for cannabis poisings fell from 171 to 96 and for herion overdoses from 1,962 to 1,530.

The statistics expose the scale and impact of cocaine’s growing popularity and come after a series of high-profile cases involving the drug.


However according to the NHS Information quango -in total 207,800 people were admitted to wards in 2006/7 because of their drinking, either they were drunk, had liver cirrhosis or a secondary disorder such as heart disease brought on by heavy drinking. They may also have been injured or assaulted while drunk.

The data from the NHS Information Centre revealed cases of alcoholic liver disease have trebled in 12 years to reach 43,548 in 2000

Health Direct is not surprised that DrugScope is ‘extremely disappointed’ by the recent labour U Turn to reclassification cannabis. Labour’s decision is not based on science, fact or common sense. Just plain nanny state political stupidity.

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