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Archive for June, 2008

NHS at 60- Labour no longer trusted on National Health Service

NHS at 60- On the eve of the NHS’s sixtieth aniversary a new poll shows that Labour is no longer the party trusted to bring in the health reforms that are needed to safeguard the NHS for future generations. Despite the billions Labour has poured into health, the YouGov poll shows that public satisfaction with […]

NHS scandal of dying cancer victim was forced to pay

A woman who died of cancer was denied free National Health Service treatment in her final months because she had paid privately for a drug to try to prolong her life.Linda O’Boyle was told that as she had paid for private treatment she was banned from free NHS care. She is believed to have been […]

Relapse for NPfIT white elephant records system

Just when the National Health Service’s mighty and troubled £12.7bn programme to provide every patient in England with an electronic record looked as though it might be about to turn an important corner, it has skidded off the road again. The resulting accident is not yet terminal. But it does mean more dire headlines and […]

NHS pays up to 60pc higher prices to cut waiting lists

Private hospitals are once again being paid well above the standard National Health Service price in a drive to get waiting times down that has proved only partially successful. Just months after the Department of Health cut back on a programme of independent sector centres to treat NHS patients at close to NHS prices – […]

NHS NPfIT white elephant hit as Fujitsu fired from IT project

The NHS’s £12.7bn NPfIT programme to provide every patient in England with an electronic care record suffered a severe blow as the project fired one of its key suppliers after failing to resolve a dispute over the contract. Ten months of renegotiations with Fujitsu, which holds the £896m 10-year contract for installing the record across […]

Health Direct compares dangers of drug taking

Health Direct has compared the latest hospital admission figures by drug types which shows that drinking alcohol is by far the most damaging drug. Cocaine overdose cases quadruple at hospitals The number of cocaine users being admitted to hospital has quadrupled in eight years, it has emerged as concerns grow that it has become the […]

Hospitals hide funds to rein in NHS surplus

Hospitals and primary care trusts have prepaid suppliers many hundreds of millions of pounds and have hidden money in other ways in order to keep the National Health Service surplus for last year down to the forecast £1.8bn. Without such action, senior NHS managers say, the declared surplus for the NHS in England in the […]

NHS hospitals lose 32,000 beds in a decade

More than 30,000 hospital beds have been lost since Labour came to power, with record cuts in NHS wards last year- which Health Direct chronicled. The cutbacks mean increasing numbers of hospitals are going on “black alert” – which involves closing their doors to new patients because they are full. Patients’ groups described the loss […]

Cancer victim told to pay for his own drugs by NHS

A cancer patient who was sent home to die by hospital doctors but then discovered a cocktail of drugs that stabilised his illness has now been told that the NHS will not pay for his medicine. Jack Hose, 71, a retired engineer, was receiving a chemotherapy drug called irinotecan on the NHS, but it was […]

NHS ordered to end care bias against men

The equality watchdog has ordered the National Health Service (NHS) to take urgent action to end it’s anti male discrimination in healthcare. The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), headed by Trevor Phillips, has written to strategic health authorities warning them to ensure that doctors and hospitals in their areas give equal priority to men […]