Who Cares- one family’s shocking story of “care” in today’s NHS.

Who cares- Paul Steane went into hospital with a minor problem – through repeated neglect in two NHS hospitals he emerged an invalid.

Throughout his time in hospital, his wife Amanda desperately tried to alert nursing staff and hospital authorities to the things that were going wrong with her husband.

Every time she alerted them to a new horror, they would promise that nothing like that would ever happen again – but every time things got worse.

Finally, an invalid deprived of his independence, his legs, his ability to communicate and everything he enjoyed, Paul Steane took his own life.

Inexperienced doctors, overworked nurses, filthy wards, inadequate care – all of these were guilty for Paul Steane’s death.

Hospital management denied all responsibility, claiming key parts of Paul’s medical records had been ‘lost’. But a nurse, outraged at what was happening, sent Amanda copies of the ‘missing’ records and the police began to investigate.


Health Direct finds this a truly moving and horrifying book. It should be compulsory reading for all the hopeless bureaucrats who run our health service and for the labour politicians who ruin it.

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