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Archive for July, 2007

GPs- Quarter of patients can’t book in advance 12 million Pound survey finds

A quarter of patients still cannot book advance appointments with their GP – more than two years after Tony Bliar promised to solve the problem. The results from an “unfair and biased” £12m survey of more than two million people about services at their GP surgery found doctors are still manipulating their appointments system to […]

PFI- Time to set the record straight claims FT

Off balance sheet accounting has a long and often dishonourable history. Just think of Enron. The Treasury now has a chance to fix one of the most inconsistent and problematic examples of its use, in the way the private finance initiative is accounted for, by using the introduction of International Financial Reporting Standards as a […]

MTAS disaster- Labour’s botched NHS plan

The Medical Training Application System (MTAS) junior doctors appointment fiasco still produces fury in the medical profession. Why? And how did labour’s defective system get passed in the first place? When Sir Liam Donaldson, the chief medical officer, published his annual report last week, he found himself having to justify not resigning over the bungled […]

Johnson blocks new wave of private health clinics

The health secretary, Alan Johnson, yesterday vetoed plans for a third wave of independent sector treatment centres to compete with NHS hospitals. In a break with Tony Bliar’s drive to expose the health service to the challenge of market forces, Mr Johnson said local NHS commissioners should adopt a more pragmatic approach to treating patients […]

C Difficile and hospital bugs remain a problem

The number of cases of the potentially dangerous Clostridium difficile (C Difficile) is thriving, figures show. A review by the Health Protection Agency showed hospital MRSA cases had fallen by 10% in the first three months of 2007 compared with a year ago. But rates for C. difficile, which mainly strikes the elderly, rose by […]

Anger over NHS plan to give addicts iPods

Drug addicts are to be offered gift vouchers and prizes on the National Health Service under plans by the labour government’s medicine watchdog NICE to encourage them to stay clean. The National Institute for Health and Curbing Expenditure (NICE) will recommend the system of inducements, which could enable clinics to offer televisions and iPods as […]

NHS Choices criticised over out of date, utterly dishonest, trite and patronising information

NHS Choices the Department of Health’s new £14 million “flagship” website contains GP practice information which in some cases is at much as six years out of date, Health Direct and EHI Primary Care has learnt. Doctors claim the new multimillion Pound NHS Choices website, developed by Dr Foster Intelligence together with LBi and Sapient, […]

NHS manager’s payout is nearly £1m

An NHS manager has been given a redundancy package worth almost £1 million in what was described as “a lottery win rather than a payout”. David Johnson, the former head of a regional strategic health authority, was one of about 70 staff who left the organisation when it was abolished as part of a restructuring […]

Hospital cases treble since labour’s extended drinking pub hours laws

Overnight visits to hospital emergency departments for alcohol related problems have trebled since the introduction of new licensing laws, according to a scientific journal the Emergency Medicine Journal. The EMJ has published research showing that significantly more people have needed hospital treatment for alcohol-related issues since pub hours were extended in November 2005. The study […]

Junior doctor shambles threatens the NHS- eminent Doctors

Last week a labour ministerial statement confirmed that almost half this year’s applicants under the junior doctors’ career and appointments system have had their careers in UK medicine abruptly cut short. This stark fact was transmuted by the subsequent press release into “good news”, because 85 per cent of available jobs will be filled by […]