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Friday, December 29, 2006

NHS Confidentiality at the Big Opt Out- Protect your privacy

NHS Confidentiality aka the Big Opt Out- Protect your privacy and campaign to preserve your medical confidentiality. Do you want labour ministers, the police and over 250,000 other people to be able to access your complete medical history? If not please sign up NOW!

On Dec 21, 2006 Health Direct noted that Patients win partial right to block medical records in U turn on CfH IT project when Labour Ministers have bowed to the complete distrust some patients have of the planned National Health Service electronic patient record by agreeing they will be able to place a total block on their records being uploaded to the system - rather than just a bar on them being shared.

Precisely how they will be able to do that, however, has yet to be established ahead of pilot projects planned for the spring.

Health Direct warns- don't break out the champagne yet. The report was cleverly spun; hidden in an appendix is confirmation that you can opt out of the Summary Care Record, but not from the Detailed Care Record.

Labour ministers say you will only be able to opt out of a detailed care record if you can show "substantial mental distress". This is a bluff. You can use the letter from the Health Direct this link Save your medical confidentiality- warning over privacy of 50m patient files in NHS IT project to order your GP not to upload your records in the first place.

On Nov 03, 2006 Health Direct origionally Warning over privacy of 50m patient files in NHS IT project when Millions of personal medical records are to be uploaded regardless of patients' wishes to a central national database from where information can be made available to police and security services, the Guardian has learned.

Details of mental illnesses, abortions, pregnancy, HIV status, drug-taking, or alcoholism may also be included, and there are no laws to prevent DNA profiles being added. The uploading is planned under Whitehall's bedevilled £12bn scheme to computerise the health service.

About the Big Opt Out Campaign
The NHS Confidentiality campaign was set up to protect patient confidentiality and to provide a focus for patient-led opposition the government’s NHS Care Records System. NHS Care Records are currently being rolled out and will form a huge national database of patient medical records and personal information (sometimes referred to as the NHS ’spine’) with no opt-in or opt-out mechanism for patients at all. It is very much akin to the government’s proposed ID database.

Your medical confidentiality is at risk due to this new database, as potentially millions of NHS employees and central government bureaucrats will have access to not only your medical records but also your demographic details—name, address, NHS Number, GP details, phone number (even if it’s ex-directory) and mobile number.

Do nothing and you will have only yourself to blame- the ramifications of this medical database make the IC card seem like a cake walk!

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