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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

MRSA kills 2 day old baby

A baby of just two days has died after becoming infected with the MRSA superbug. Luke Day, who died in Ipswich Hospital aged 36 hours, is believed to be the youngest ever victim of the virus.
His parents, 17-year-old Glynis Day and 24-year-old Kevin Fenton, said he was first thought to have septicaemia. But a post-mortem revealed he died from septicaemia caused by MRSA (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus sureus)
Luke's grandmother Kathy Day has quit her job as a family support worker at the hospital in disgust. She said: "We've got to make sure this terrible tragedy never happens again."
Luke was born an apparently healthy 7lb 7oz child.
His mother Glynis said: "He had no symptoms or anything. As far as they were concerned Luke was just a normal healthy baby. There was no warning at all."
When the family went to sign Luke's death certificate they were shocked to find it did not mention MRSA. They refused to sign the certificate until it had been changed.
Mrs Day said: "A baby has died from MRSA in an NHS hospital. People need to know.
"Something must be done in eradicating this terrible superbug. We do not want other families to go through the pain we have suffered over the last few weeks."
A hospital spokeswoman said staff were doing all they could to get to the bottom of Luke's death.
She said tests on the ward, maternity facilities, staff and family members had found no trace of MRSA.
The bug is resistant to methicillin and many other types of antibiotic.,,30100-13314803,00.html

This raises two further worries:
1) The hospital is clearly not in control of the situation as they can not find the source of the MRSA infection,
2) The attempt to mis- describe the reason for death on the death certificate once again questions how far one can trust Tony's statistics.


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